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DI-RECT bandfoto

Last show tour DI-RECT at Amare

A closing concertat their homebase

13 Dec 2021

Photo: Set Vexy Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


The month of March is the starting signal for the new tour of Di-Rect. The band will be touring throughout the Netherlands until mid-April. No fewer than 11 concert halls are guaranteed to be blown down by Jamie Westland, Frans 'Spike' van Zoest, Bas van Wageningen, Paul Jan Bakker, Marcel Veenendaal and associates.

Ticket sales start
'Corona' does not appear in the dictionary of the Hague gentlemen. They managed to reach tens of thousands of people with their livestream. Last October, the flag was raised as the band celebrated their 20th anniversary. As a birthday party, Rotterdam Ahoy was turned upside down. Twice to be exact. All the greater is the drive for this new tour. Ticket sales started on Friday 10 December. Tickets cost between €31.50 and €34.25.

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