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IJsculpturen - Cool Event Scheveningen

Pier of Scheveningen place to be for ice sculptures

CoolEvent offers more than just the well-known ice skating rink this year.

10 Dec 2021

Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


In addition to the skating rink, CoolEvent has something special: ice-cold creations on the boulevard called Ice Sculptures Scheveningen – Ice New Style. Two large sea containers on Pierplein and Noord Boulevard are the setting for the ice sculpture exhibition 'Let our future grow' and 'Stowaway'.

Diorama art
One design 'Let our future grow' was designed by Ludo Roders, the first prize winner of the TV program 'A cold trick' and Marlies Bielderman. Their creation is about dependence between nature and the increasingly digitizing world. Evangelos Stafylidis and Martin de Zoete made 'Stowaway' to show what is transported in containers. In this case a sensitive topic because refugees play the leading role. The design refers to the Christmas spirit: 'solidarity and world peace'. On display until 30 January between 09.00 and 17.00 on the Scheveningen boulevard.

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