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Nieuwjaarsduik uit blik - Jan van Zanen burgemeester Den Haag - foto Arie Kievit

Successful alternative New Year's Dive extended

It's time for the 'home dive' again

8 Dec 2021

Photo: Unox Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


Most likely a no-brainer for most and therefore no surprise: the traditional New Year's dive at Scheveningen cannot take place this year either. The organization is facilitating last year's success alternative, the 'home dive look', also this edition. The cans filled with sizzling cold water from the North Sea have literally been extended this year: a nod to the extension of the New Year's Dive.

As of today, New Year's Dive fans can request a free package via www.nieuwjaarsduik.nl - while supplies last. It contains everything for the perfect home dive: 2 cans of seawater, 1 can of soup and 2 hats, to warm up after a cold dive in your own garden, bathtub or on the balcony. For every package ordered, Unox donates a can of pea soup to the Food Bank.

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