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Barbecuing in The Hague

It's summer. The time to have a nice barbecue with friends in a park. The Hague has countless places to enjoy a tasty barbecue. But where do you find them and what are the rules? We give you an overview here so that you can enjoy carefree. Enjoy your meal!

Where to barbecue?

Not everyone has a garden or balcony where you can light a BBQ. Then you have to move to another place. In principle, you can barbecue anywhere as long as you do not cause any nuisance or danger. Barbecuing is also allowed on the Noorderstrand. However, there are a number of places where you are not allowed to barbecue. This will be indicated on the spot.

Special barbecue areas

In The Hague, a number of parks have set up special barbecue areas. The places are selected in such a way that you can have a quiet barbecue in a beautiful environment. Without causing any nuisance to local residents and other visitors to the park. There are additional waste bins at the pitches.

The special barbecue areas can be found in:

Game rules

Do not place the coals or briquettes directly on the grass. But put them in a container on a stand. The grass will be damaged if you fire directly on the grass. Let glowing coals cool down completely before throwing them away. Some barbecue areas have special containers for glowing coals. You can throw them hot in there.

Leftover food, bones, packaging material and the like belong in the waste bin. Is the bin full? Do not leave the dirt next to the bin. But take it home in a sealed bag. Leaving food lying around leads to nuisance from vermin.

No barbecuing

Places where it is not allowed to barbecue:

The places where barbecuing is not allowed are clearly indicated. Forest ranger Simon indicates that "it is not allowed in the Westduinpark because of the protected nature. You are not allowed to leave the paths and therefore you are not allowed to barbecue. This also applies to the Rosarium in the Westbroekpark. There are too many children playing in de Verademing city park, which means that it is no longer harmless"

Theesalon De Waterkant Westbroekpark
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