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The Hague's best ice cream


Ice ice baby

Ice cream. Who doesn't love it? Ice cream is not only a treat for children. And not only to be enjoyed in summer. But it has to be good ice cream. And The Hague has many ice cream parlours serving delicious and special ice cream with unique flavours, including vegan ice cream. And, also very nice, most ice cream parlours are open all year round.

Lik It | Grote Markt 1

Lik-it makes artisanal Italian ice cream in unexpected combinations. Taste and texture are leading, anything else is possible. The ingredients are sustainable, local and of high quality. Ice cream is made from organic milk from the Green Heart. But there is also a wide choice of sorbet and vegan ice cream based on almond milk.

''We put an awful lot of love into our ice creamt with the best materials available".
IJs Lik It Bakplaats Grote Markt
Freshly made ice cream in the Grote Markt's ice cream kitchen.

Hop & Stork | Passage 82

At Hop & Stork, not only do they make the tastiest chocolate, their ice cream is also delicious. Of course the chocolate is reflected in the ice cream. The dark chocolate ice cream is completely vegan and tastes heavenly. Besides many more flavours, there are three other vegan varieties such as mango, raspberry and apple elderflower on the menu. They make summer iced tea from these, and serve it on the terrace.

Het lekkerste ijs van Den Haag: Hop & Stork
Coffee, chocolate and ice cream. Everything is good and delicious at Hop & Stork.

Bella’s Ice and Candystore | Deltaplein 277

Just for the interior of Bella's you go there. It is inspired by retro American sweet shops; cheerful, playful and with lots of colour. But not only is the interior amazing, so is the artisanal ice cream and, after all, that's what it's all about. You won't get the Cherry Mania tastier anywhere else!

Fun fact: This ice cream shop was originally conceived as a school project by 17-year-old Annebelle ('Bella').

Bella's ijs Kijkduin
The colourful interior of Bella's Ice Cream Parlour was designed by world renowned design Studio Job.

Piet Artisans of Flavour | Piet Heinstraat 76

For an adventurous 'ice-cream experience', head to Piet Artisans of Flavour in Zeeheldenkwartier. The owners are world travellers and bring their experiences of ice cream in different countries together in their colourfull and fresh salon. So on the menu, exotic flavours like; chai masala, sesame seed Halva ice cream and Campari. 

Piet uses the best ingredients; the nuts come from Italy and they like to work with local suppliers and seasonal fruits. Sustainable and different flavours every time!

“We freeze memories”
Piet's Artisans of Flavour Foto Hipaholic
The unusual ice cream and interior at Piet's Artisans of Flavour. Photo: Hipaholic

Bij Lotje | Elandstraat 55

Also in the creative Zeeheldenkwartier district you will find Bij Lotje. A cosy, cheerful ice cream parlour with flavours for the whole family. The cosy terrace is a great place to sit. Bij Lotje is the only ice cream parlour in The Hague with liquorice ice cream! Besides ice cream, Bij Lotje also serves coffee and cakes.

Het lekkerste ijs van Den Haag: Bij Lotje Zeeheldenkwartier
At Lotje: the only ice cream parlour in The Hague with liquorice ice cream!

Pink Almond | Appelstraat 211

Ok, it takes a little effort. Pink Almond is not in the city centre but in the cosy Vruchtenbuurt. But the reward is great. Pink Almond's ice cream is artisanal, very tasteful and fresh. Every day, 12 different flavours in ice cream, sorbet ice cream, yoghurt ice cream, vegan ice cream and sugar-free vegan ice cream.

Pink Almond values sustainability. Instead of disposable spoons, they use metal deposit spoons. The ice cream display case is a so-called pozzetti. These closed trays consume 50%-60% less energy than traditional open display cabinet. And because the ice cream is always covered, it benefits the quality.

Pink Almond Ijssalon Vruchtenbuurt
The modern and colourful inriching at Pink Almond create a cheerful and homely atmosphere.

Luciano's | Frederik Hendriklaan 230B & Theresiastraat 41

If you say Italian ice cream, you say Luciano's. And the two locations in The Hague prove it. What else would you expect from a modern, fresh and cheerful salon serving delicious fresh artisanal ice cream in all sorts of flavours. The ice cream is prepared by an SVH Master ice cream maker (the highest degree of professional competence in ice cream making in the Netherlands). At Luciano's, they want everyone to enjoy their ice cream to the fullest. Even if you have certain allergies, you can still enjoy ice cream (cones) here.

"At Luciano's you don't eat ice cream, you experience ice cream"
Het lekkerste ijs van Den Haag: Luciano's
Doesn't this make you hungry!

Florencia | Torenstraat 55

For almost 100 years, this Italian ice cream parlour has been a household name in The Hague. Whole generations (locals) enjoy their scoop of ice cream here. When you step inside Florencia, it seems as if time has stood still; a beautiful classic interior as you would expect in Italy itself. But at the same time, Florencia moves with the times and serves lactose-free/vegan ice cream! And has developed a special beer ice cream with the neighbours Kompaan Bier. Find a spot on the cosy terrace and enjoy your ice cream and the eclectic visitors.

Het lekkerste ijs van Den Haag: Florencia
The artisanal ice cream parlour Florencia, makes you feel like you're in Italy for a moment.
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