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Winterzwemmen Haagse kust Scheveningen

Winter swimming on the coast of The Hague


When you are getting a breath of fresh air on the beach in The Hague on a bitterly cold winter day, a club of swimmers promptly passes by. An ice-cold winter dip in the North Sea. At the Pier, the Zwarte Pad and the Zuiderstrand: you see these daredevils more and more often at various places on our coast. But why do they do this, is this also something for you and what should you pay attention to?

Why winter swimming?

  • Good for your immune system
    Winter swimming gives your immune system a boost. Such a free pick-me-up is always handy. Especially at this time of year.
  • Production of endorphins
    The production of these hormones has an analgesic effect and gives you the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Mental and physical victory
    The feeling you experience afterwards brings you into ecstasy. You are bursting with energy and feel alive. Before you dive into the water, your whole body says 'no'. Going over that and still going into the sea gives a kick.
  • You finally know a little how Wim Hof ​​feels
    Come on, that's what everyone wants. Prepare yourself and listen to The Iceman's podcast below!

I'm going to go winter swimming on the coast of The Hague, what should I prepare for?

Find a swim buddy when you decide to go winterswimming

You never do winter swimming alone. Always in a group or with a swimming buddy. Safety comes first!

Check the weather conditions before going to the beach for a winter dive

Always check the weather forecast in advance. Not emphatically the temperature - it will get cold anyway - but to other important matters. Isn't there too much wind? Are the waves not too high and is there an underwater current that I have to take into account? You can find useful apps via Rijkswaterstaat.

Regulate your breathing in the wintry sea

Keep the rest in your body and keep your breathing under control. Breathe calmly through the abdomen. This is the key to a good winter dive!

Brrrrrrrrriljant zo'n winterduik!

Do not go too long/deep into the sea

Within a minute you will experience all the benefits of winter swimming. So don't go any longer. To be on the safe side, bring a waterproof watch. Don't go too deep into the sea. You can also bend your knees to go under.

Choose a smart beach stroke on the coast of The Hague.

For the persons who don't like sand and change clothes in the parking lot. Choose a beach exit that is close to the beach. Otherwise, the way back to the car will be very cold.

Put on comfortable warm clothing if you go winter swimming

Warm clothing sounds logical, but also think of clothing that you can easily put on. No stiff skinny or sweater with holes, but wide sweatpants and a good hoodie.

Warm up at a cozy warm beach bar.

Because yes, there are beach bars open 365 days a year, so also in the middle of winter! Warm up with a hot drink in hand. Yummy!

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