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Wanneer bezoek je den haag?

The Hague walking routes


Our online walking routes take you along the hidden hotspots and well-known highlights in The Hague: from beaches to shopping streets and from restaurants to famous palaces. Each route has its own theme with carefully chosen sights. With your mobile phone in one hand, you can effortlessly navigate through the city like a real local. This can all be achieved without a guide, and you don't even have to download an app for it: The Hague routes can be obtained free of charge via denhaag.com.

Koninklijk Den Haag koets Noordeinde Paleis Noordeind
A royal walk
Haagse Bos
Through the forest and dunes to the sea
Stel shoppend in het Museumkwartier Den Haag
Royal Shopping
Along the beaches of The Hague
Wanneer bezoek je den haag?
The Hague in one day
Shoppen voor de feestdagen
Hip shopping in The Hague
Rembrandt, uitsnede
Imagine yourself in the Golden Age