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Proefboutique Oude Molstraat

ProefBoutique: new business Oude Molstraat

Professionals in pre-dinner bites and drinks.

7 Dec 2021

Photo: Proefboutique Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


Friends Carolien and Amber opened the doors of their first business in the second half of November: Proefboutique at Oude Molstraat 28a. These catering ladies in heart and soul - with a passion for drinks - serve large tasting boards and snacks to eat in the boutique or to take home. After your visit here, drop off at the other businesses in the Hofkwartier. A deli, lunch and drink spot in one, that is ProefBoutique.

"(s)lockdown box"
The two consider it very important to work with as many local suppliers as possible. For example, the wines are purchased at a well-known wine shop in the Zeeheldenkwartier, the cheese comes from Ed Boele and the beer comes directly from the 'Haagsche Broeder' from the brewery opposite the Proefboutique itself. Amber and Caroline are also creative. With the tightening of the measures, they invented the (s)lockdown box: a richly filled box with all kinds of test snacks and other delicacies combined with a good bottle of wine in order to "drink away" the misery.

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