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Utrechtsebaan Den Haag

Utrechtsebaan closed for the first five months of 2022

Closure unavoidable, road needs to be replaced.

30 Dec 2021

Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


The subsoil, the concrete and the asphalt: it all needs to be replaced. The work on the Utrechtsebaan will start on Monday morning, the 17th of January. Out-of-town traffic is most affected by this. With the exception of a single closure at the weekend, traffic in the city (Centrum – Scheveningen) can continue to use the road.

The closure will therefore cause delays for out-of-town traffic. You can detour during the closure via the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel (Binckhorst/S107) or via the N14 Wassenaar-Leidschendam. View the information pack here for information about alternative transport and other detour routes.

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