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Royal The Hague

Royal Stables

Hogewal 17, 2514 HA The Hague
Koninklijke Stallen

The Royal Stables in The Hague is home to several carriages of the Royal Family, such as the Golden and Glass Carriages. It also houses the horses that pull the carriages. The Royal Stables belong to the Noordeinde Palace. The unusual stables in eclectic style were designed by H.P. Vogel in the 19th century. The Royal Stables are not normally open to the public, except during the summer opening.

A visit to Palace Noordeinde, the Palace Garden and the Royal Stables should not be missed during a day in The Hague!

Summer opening

The Royal Stables, next to Noordeinde Palace, are opened to the public for several days every summer. View all information on the summer opening here.

Stable Department of the Royal Household

The Royal Stable Department is part of the Civil Household of the Royal Household Service. The Stable Master is in charge of the daily management of the Stable Department. He is responsible for the Royal procession during Prince's Day and on other occasions. The Royal Stable Department was established by King William I in 1815. In 1878, the current accommodation on the Hogewal in The Hague was put into use. Among other things, the Royal Stable Department houses the galley room. These are used on ceremonial occasions. For daily work, the horses are harnessed with the so-called service vehicles.

Koninklijke Stallen
Koninklijke Stallen

Royal carriages

In 1815, King William I established the Royal Stables Department which was to provide transport for the royal family and its court. The present Royal Stables were inaugurated in 1879. The Royal Stables house part of the collection of royal carriages, which are maintained in-house. The other part of the collection can be found at Paleis het Loo in Apeldoorn. In total, the collection consists of seventy carriages.

Glazen Koets in de Koninklijke Stallen
Koninklijke Stallen

Palace Noordeinde and Palace Garden

Palace Noordeinde is the working palace of King Willem-Alexander. The palace is the centre of many important events in the life of the Royal Family. Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard and Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien said 'I do' to each other here. Such a magnificent palace, of course, requires a royal garden.

The Palace Garden is hidden between Noordeinde Palace, the Royal Stables and the Royal Archives. Here you can unwind in an oasis of peace, nature and art, right in the centre of The Hague. Besides the Royal Stables, the Noordeinde Palace and the Palace Gardens are definitely worth a visit!


The Royal Stables are easily accessible by car, tram or bicycle. There are several parking options in the area, such as Parking Noordeinde in Heulstraat and Parking Parkstraat in Oranjestraat. From The Hague Central Station, you can walk to the Royal Stables in 15 minutes. In addition, several trams stop at the Kneuterdijk stop, from where you can reach the Royal Stables on the Hogewal in a few minutes.

Koninklijke Stallen Den Haag
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