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Grote Markt Den Haag

5x sunny terraces in The Hague

Ieder lichaam houdt van wat vitamine D. En met een fijn zonnetje is lust naar terras extra groot. Dus doe wat iedere huisarts zegt: ‘luister naar jezelf’ en check hieronder 5 hele zonnige terrassen in de Haagse binnenstad!

Palmette - Place 27

Go explore for yourself and find out if you have all-day sun on Plaats. Settle down at Palmette. At this restaurant -whose kitchen is oriented towards La Douce France- they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The redevelopment of the Place has been completed, giving you an extra good reason to visit this lovely square.

De Kade - Dunne Bierkade 1A

Just passing by by chance makes you want to order a (wet) snack here. That's what the golden combination of a quay and a terrace does to you. With the babble of a canal in The Hague in the background, you order dishes here composed of local products. Sustainability prevails in every meal. And even if the sun wasn't shining. De Kade has the largest wine cellar with natural wines in The Hague. See you there!

Restaurant de Kade
De Kade is located in the tasteful area: De Gracht

Grote Markt

The Hague's living room. It's as simple as that. The Grote Markt is there for everyone and has everything for everyone. From home-brewed beer, popping events that get bigger every year, fragrant Thai food and most importantly: a terrace that says U U. Whatever part of a twenty-four hour period you are here, you will always find a ray of sunshine.

Grote Markt Den Haag
Grand Market: 'make yourself at home!'

Bleyenberg - Grote Markt 10

The higher, the better. With that, you enjoy the sun for an extra long time with this top weather. Bleyenberg's roof terrace thus offers the perfect solution for an afternoon of frying in the sun. Fry through? Roll from the roof all the way to the basement. There you will find everyone's dream pair of vocal chords: a karaoke bar. The name alone is to savour. Meet: Blèr.

Bar Bea - Veenkade 7

That it's best to merge a terrace with water is something you've learned by now. At Bar Bea, they take this lesson very seriously because in front of this establishment lies a cosy terrace boat. You hear that right: this is enjoying the city centre on the water.

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