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Ook dit jaar strijkt de Grote Zonnebril op het strand van Scheveningen (c) Arnaud Roelofsz

Sunglasses artwork at Scheveningen beach


With the artwork 'Scheveningen is looking out for you', Buitengewoon Scheveningen offers you a hospitable welcome. With the start of the Hague summer holidays, Scheveningen's entrepreneurs are ready for a wonderful summer and look forward to offering residents and visitors another unforgettable time!

(header photo: Arnaud Roelofsz)

The sunglasses

The artistic initiative is a reference to looking forward, new perspective and a nod to sun, sea and, of course, an instant good feeling. Take a cosy summer photo with friends or family. The sunglasses will be placed in a different location each time so you will also be surprised how beautiful and versatile life by the sea is. In 2024, sunglasses have gone pink! Did you take a cute photo? Share it with #thisisthehague.

Where to find the sunglasses? 

  • Beach North (near beach bar The Fat Mermaid) 

On whose behalf are the sunglasses on the beach?

The Buitengewoon Scheveningen Foundation initiative represents the (tourist) entrepreneurs in Scheveningen. Think Association of Beach Operators, the hotels such as the Kurhaus, Carlton Beach, but also the smaller hotels, the attractions, casinos, car parks, Circustheater and many catering establishments. The project is partly supported by the Municipality of The Hague and was developed by LUSTR. 

Scheveningen Pier
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