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ibis Den Haag City Centre

There is a first time for everything - stay overnight

Welcome to The Hague! There is a first time for everything, including an overnight stay in The Hague.

Nothing as personal as booking an overnight stay somewhere, because what are your wishes? We're happy to help you on your way for your perfect stay in The Hague!

A place where you can put your feet up, enjoy a day of walking or cycling in our nature in The Hague?

You might find it very nice to enjoy luxury and comfort 

Doesn't it have to be too luxurious, but you do want to sit down for breakfast in the morning?

Are you going on holiday with your family or group and are you looking for a holiday park?

Are you traveling through with your own camper or tent?

Are you a backpacker?

Check the different hostels, each with their own character, but always fun! https://denhaag.com/nl/slapen-in-den-haag/hostels

Do you want to stay in your own holiday home or apartment?

Or choose a Bed & Breakfast > https://denhaag.com/nl/slapen-in-den-haag/bed-breakfast 

Of course, our city by the Sea offers many more options for overnight stays. You can wake up at the beach, spend the night in a caravan, sleep above a cafe, in a wonderful luxury hotel in the middle of the city or, all in Holland, spend the night in a tent.

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