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Vega en vegan restaurants in Den Haag

Top 9 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in The Hague


Do you like to be sustainable and eat vegetarian? The number of people eating vegetarian is increasing. Fortunately. And vegetarian restaurants have long since lost their goat-wool image. These days they are hip and trendy. So be hip and trendy and eat vegetarian! In this way you can contribute to a better environment in a simple way. But of course you want to eat delicious vegetarian food. The Hague is the right place for that! There are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants in The Hague. The Hague ranks second in the Netherlands with the highest number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants (Source: Entree).

The Hague ranks second in the Netherlands with the highest number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

FOAM - Frederikstraat 44

FOAM is a healthy vegan food hotspot in the stylish Frederikstraat where they serve delicious organic and vegan dishes.

FOAM op de Frederikstraat in Den Haag
FOAM vegetarisch restaurant Frederikstraat Den Haag
FOAM is the vegan hotspot for tasty juices, filling salads and richly filled sandwiches.

De Vegetarische Toko - Prins Hendrikstraat 150A 

The "first and only vegetable toko in the Netherlands"? You will find it in The Hague, of course. In the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier.

De Vegetarische Toko
For delicious spicy vega rendang, sweet smoor and freshly grilled vega satay, De Vegetarische Toko is the place to be!

Hagedis - Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116

Hagedis is located in a beautiful monumental building and serves vegetarian, organic and seasonal dishes. For dessert, make sure you try the homemade lavender bonbon!

Vegane Glorie - Douzastraat 1 

At Vegane Glorie in the Statenkwartier only vegetable dishes are on the menu. And what kind of dishes! All original and delicious. The interior is hip and green and the service super friendly.

Vegane Glorie in Den Haag
You can find Vegane Glorie in Scheveningen. 

Symbiose - Galileïstraat 160

Symbiose is a small restaurant with an open kitchen and a homely, personal atmosphere. And from that open kitchen they conjure up the tastiest and 'craziest' flavour combinations. Vegetarian and organic, of course.

LOFT - Pomonaplein 49A

At LOFT (Land Of Free Thought) in a former church in the cosy Vruchtenbuurt neighbourhood, you can find yoga, training courses, sustainable gifts and special chocolates. And vegetarian food. Colourful and pure food made with the thought that food has a lot of influence on your mind. So everything is prepared and served with love. You can taste and feel that! LOFT won the award for best lunchroom in the Netherlands in 2024!

Café Loft in Den Haag
Bistro Café Loft in the Vruchtenbuurt in The Hague. 

Vegan Pizza Bar - Molenstraat 15 

This hip pizza bar sets out to bake vegan pizzas for people who never eat plant-based food because they think it doesn't taste good. The Vegan Pizza Bar proves them wrong and wants everyone to experience how tasty their vegan pizzas are.

Vegan Pizza Bar in Den Haag
Vegan Pizza Bar in Den Haag
Vegan Pizza Bar in the Molenstraat in The Hague. 

Saravanaa Bhavan - Noordeinde 123

Who says that vegetarian and even vegan food can't be exotic? At the Noordeinde, you will find an entirely vega(n) Indian/Pakistani restaurant: Saravanaa Bhavan

Plenty - Piet Heinstraat 37 

In the Zeeheldenkwartier you will find Plenty with exclusively 100% vegetable dishes on the menu. You sit there wonderfully in the white atmospheric 'living room'. Be sure to order a cinnamon roll!

Plenty in Zeeheldenkwartier in Den Haag
At Plenty, surprising and nutritious dishes with Middle Eastern influences are on the menu.

Looking for more vega(n) spots in The Hague?

RestauPlant has developed a fine restaurant guide full of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in The Hague.

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