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9x de beste wintercocktails in Den Haag

10 hotspots for cocktails in The Hague


Whether you are looking for a cosy night out with friends or a romantic evening with your loved one, there is always a cocktail bar to meet your expectations. From trendy and chic to playful and relaxed, The Hague's cocktail hotspots offer something for everyone. In this article, you will discover the city's most popular cocktail bars and get an insight into their unique atmosphere and must-try cocktails. Cheers!

Cocktailbar Vavoom - Grote Markt 29

Let's start with the place for cocktails on the Grote Markt: Cocktail bar Vavoom. The Vavoom tiki room, the first and only Tiki bar in The Hague, is a good place to loosen up, leave the world outside and let the rum wash away your worries. Experience the tropical breeze of tiki culture and it's summer right away!

Bleyenberg - Grote Markt 10

Less than a stone's throw from Vavoom, you'll find Bleyenberg. Popular not only for its unusual interior, relaxed atmosphere and feel-good menu. Or BLÊR (7 private karaoke booths hidden in the basement of Bleyenberg). Best known for its insane (and very first in The Hague) rooftop bar where you enjoy great views over the Grote Markt and the rest of The Hague city centre. Here, nothing tastes better than your favourite cocktail after a long working day.

Garuda - Kneuterdijk 18a

The new Garuda is young, hip and trendy. An Indonesian restaurant in fusion style. With refined dishes according to the concept of Ron Blaauw, but in the Garuda way. Authentic flavours, presented in a creative and modern way. From street food to rice tables. With, as icing on the cake, a spectacular cocktail bar on the top floor, with a view. Bet you'll be warmed up in no time with a slightly spicy ATJAR CUP cocktail!

Bar & Restaurant Milú - Driehoekjes 15

Located in the centre of The Hague, Bar & Restaurant Milú is known for its special, tasty cocktails and fresh G&Ts. On colder days, the cosy and warm interior is a nice place to get together with friends, family and colleagues. Every Wednesday is cocktail night at Milú, where selected cocktails are €6. Curious! Go check it out soon!


BlueBlood Hilton Hotel - Zeestraat 35

At BlueBlood, you will enjoy extraordinary cocktails and delectable 'Nikkei' bar bites in the spectacular bar, the heart of BlueBlood. It is a vibrant place with an unforgettable atmosphere. The unique cocktails are also developed in BlueBlood's cocktail lab. Or be surprised by a creative approach to classic contemporary cocktails.

Ultramarijn Voco The Hague - Kneuterdijk 8

voco The Hague is a design hotel in an old bank building with a strong focus on sustainability and greenery. The entire hotel has a botanical feel. At the Ultramarine bar, cocktails with flavours from different corners of the world are on the menu. And the great thing about hotel bars; if you've drunk too many cocktails, just stay the night! Voted the second best cocktail bar in the Netherlands by Cosmopolitian in 2024!

Gold Bar Hotel Indigo - Noordeinde 33

Located in the heart of The Hague, opposite Noordeinde Palace, you will find Hotel Indigo® The Hague - Palace Noordeinde. This four-star boutique hotel is located in a former bank building, dating back to 1883. Via a hidden staircase, from the lobby, you find the cosy bar 'The Gold Bar' in a former bank vault that used to actually house gold bars. Here you'll sip delicious cocktails in an intimate roaring 20s setting.

Hotel Indigo The Hague – Palace Noordeinde
At Hotel Indigo, you'll find the Speakeasy 'The Gold Bar' via a hidden staircase from the lobby.

Café Brasserie Nationaal - Prinsegracht 2

This beautiful monunent building, which has been restored to its historic glory, once again houses a restaurant. Just like over 100 years ago. Like going back in time and to Brussels. You can enjoy classic Belgian dishes at Nationaal. And the extensive cocktail menu features cocktails such as Whisky Sour, Negroni and an adventurous cocktail with tequila: No Mezcalculations.

Jamey Bennett - De Plaats 11

Jamey Bennett is the place where you plop down on the Chesterfield with a Gin&Tonic in your hand. Where you share dishes from the internationally oriented menu with friends. Or enjoy exciting cocktails. This is the place where the expat meets the local, the housewife meets the hipster and where uptown meets downtown. The Hague's international living room.

The Snoeshaen - Keizerstraat 97

After a walk on the freezing cold beach or a hot day in the sun, you can hang out at the bar or take a seat at one of the small tables at the Snoeshaen. At this little hotspot, you won't find a single cocktail on the menu (although the bar staff will lovingly make one for you). In fact, this Gintoneria mainly pours magnificent Gin&Tonics. The simple menu offers "something for everyone", and in addition to the extensive menu of choices for a Gin&Tonic, the Snoes (as this joint is called by locals) also has a battery of speciality beers on the menu.

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Bar & Restaurant Milú is known for its unusual, flavourful cocktails and fresh G&Ts.
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