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Prince's Day


Prince's Day is the traditional start of the parliamentary year for the Senate and House of Representatives in The Hague. On the third Tuesday in September, King Willem-Alexander will deliver the Speech from the Throne in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in which the government announces its most important plans for the coming year. Prior to the reading of the Speech from the Throne, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will travel in the Glass Carriage, followed by other important members, with a driving tour from Noordeinde Palace via Lange Voorhout to the Koninklijke Schouwburg.

Royal procession
Every third Tuesday in September when the clock strikes one o'clock, the King, normally accompanied by other members of the Royal House, leaves Noordeinde Palace in the Glass Carriage for the Koninklijke Schouwburg, escorted by court dignitaries and a military escort of honour. Outside the palace awaits an escort of honour and a military band.

In The Koninklijke Schouwburg the King reads the 'Speech from the Throne', written jointly by the Ministers and Secretaries of State. This troonrede outlines the government's financial plans for the coming year. When the Speech has finished, the escort of honour again forms in The Koninklijke Schouwburg, and the procession returns to Noordeinde Palace where the Royal Family traditionally salutes the gathered crowd from the balcony ('balkonscène').

Grandstand seating 
During Prinsjesdag it is possible to experience the driving tour of the Glass Coach from a separate grandstand on the Lange Voorhout. Ticket sales for these grandstand seats can be found on this page. With your ticket you get access to the grandstand including consumption. There are two stands: 

  • The Orange stand (on the side of Bodega De Posthoorn) - open from 10 a.m.
  • Please note: after 11.30 am the Lange Voorhout will be closed and you can no longer cross the road. For safety reasons, backpacks and shopping bags are not allowed in the stands.

For groups larger than 20 persons you can book by sending an email to traveltrade@thehague.com

Program Prinsjesdag 2022 

  • 12:45 - Glass Coach rides from the Royal Stables to Noordeinde Palace 
  • 13:00 - Departure of the royal procession from Noordeinde Palace to the Royal Theater 
  • 13:15 - Speech from the Throne Royal Theater 
  • 13:50 - Glass Coach departs from the Koninklijke Schouwburg towards Noordeinde Palace 
  • 14:00 - Balcony scene Noordeinde Palace 

Route Glass Carriage 
Prior to the speech from the throne, a royal procession will pass through The Hague between 13:00 and 13:15. The King and the most important members of the Royal House take a tour with the Glass Coach, which will replace the Golden Coach during the restoration, from Noordeinde Palace via Lange Voorhout to the Koninklijke Schouwburg. 

  • Noordeinde
  • Heulstraat 
  • Kneuterdijk 
  • Lange Voorhout 
  • Tournooiveld 
  • Royal Theater (Koninklijke Schouwburg) 

This year the festivities will already begin in the days leading up to Prince's Day with the Prinsjesfestival. The festivities include:

  • practice exercise with horses on the Lange Voorhout
  • Prince's Hatwalk show and market on Lange Voorhout
  • final run-through for Prince's Day
  • large-scale exercise with horses on Scheveningen beach
  • Prinsjesdag concert by the Resident Orchestra

Traffic measures
Prior to and on Prince's Day a number of streets in the city centre will be closed to traffic. Visitors are advised to use public transportation or take their bicycle to The Hague.


Unfortunately, this event has already taken place. A new date for the next edition is not yet communicated to us.

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