Crossing Border

Inspiring literature and music festival

Crossing Border is an inspiring literature and music festival held every november in The Hague. Over the years Crossing Border has evolved into one of the foremost interdisciplinary cultural events in Europe. Various international artists as well as national talents come to perform at this trendy contemporary event as the festival looks for unique and once-only combinations of talent.

Sights and museums

The Hague offers a wealth of impressive art, historic sights and cultural events. Take a stroll through the old but vivid city centre, be inspired by the unique Hague museums and breathe some fresh air at the beach.

For the love of music and words

For lovers of live music and literature, The Hague is the place to be. The city not only offers a daily dose of live concerts. Throughout the city, inspiring places and events can be unlocked with literature as key. No wonder Crossing Border is based here!