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Dansende mevrouw in Cultuur Aan Zee

Dance, music & theater


The Hague is a rich city when it comes to the performing arts. The Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), for example, makes contemporary dance from its home base in Zuiderstrandtheater, which tens of thousands of people come to enjoy worldwide every year. You can also visit this theater for a visit to the Residentie Orkest. And what about theater and maker's house Korzo, where you can see young and emerging makers bring their experiments to life?

Also in the field of theater, there is plenty of choice. Did you know that the National Theater - with its grand plays - is the permanent home company of the Koninklijke Schouwburg? You go to Diligentia for cabaret. Or to the smaller theater PePijn with its rich history. There you are one of the first to witness tryouts. If you go to the intimate Theater Branoul, you experience what it is like to be in direct contact with the actor or storyteller as an audience.

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