Rembrandt & the Golden Age - Discover The Hague in this golden era with wealth and wonder

In 2019, the Netherlands celebrates the legacy of Rembrandt and the Golden Age. It is 350 years since the death of one of Holland’s most beloved Dutch Masters, Rembrandt van Rijn, on October 4 1669. As the hub of administrative authority, The Hague played a vital role in the 17th century. Also the contribution of many masterpieces in museums, famous inhabitants and locations indicate the importance of this period for the city. Experience The Hague during the time of Rembrandt & the Golden Age. A swathe of exhibitions take place throughout the year, including eye-opening exhibitions at the Mauritshuis, The Hague Historical Museum and Museum Bredius. Famous spots, telling unique stories, bring the Golden Age alive. Get a true feel for the legacy, wealth and rapid development that The Hague underwent in the 17th century.