Program Seaside Celebrations

A year of festivities in The Hague

In 2018, The Hague will be dominated by Feest aan Zee. During this festive year, the agenda is packed with events, festivals and exhibitions. Below you will find the program per month. Keep an eye on this page, because more and more events are coming up!


In the beginning of May, the Hague Beach Stadium is re-erected and that opens the beach sport season. Make sure you don’t miss this month’s historical spectacle with a replica of Simon Stevin’s land yacht. During the May holiday, the weekend of Ascension and during Whitsun there is plenty to do in Scheveningen. In the city centre, the World Championship Sand Sculpting will begin. Did you know that you get from the boulevard to the city centre in 15 minutes?


This month it’s a big Festival aan Zee (Festival by the Sea) with several new and famous events. We have been celebrating the arrival of Hollandse Nieuwe (raw) herring in Scheveningen on Vlaggetjesdag (Flags Day) since 1947! Dune Art Festival is a new festival with jazz and visual arts at special locations in the dunes. Festival Classique takes place at dozens of locations in Scheveningen, from the Kurhaus to the Pier. Summer of course officially begins on the 21st of June and the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race is guaranteed to be a great maritime spectacle.


Celebrate your summer holiday in Scheveningen. Do not be surprised if you see someone passing you with a surfboard under their arm while riding a bike. The World Championship Sea Sailing attracts additional water sport fans to the sea. Spread out your towel for a yoga class at daybreak. On a relaxed summer evening, it is wonderful to sit in one of the beach pavilions. A summer cocktail, swinging music… what a party!


Another heat wave this year? Come to the beach to get tanned and cool down by taking a dip in the sea. With eleven kilometres of beach, there is always room for your towel! For four evenings in a row you can enjoy international top quality fireworks during the Vuurwerkfestival Scheveningen. On Keizerstraat you get to see the traditional trades of the fishing village during the historic festival. Real rockers come of course to Schollenpop Festival.


Children celebrate Feest aan Zee in October. A special programme during the autumn half-term holiday with various fun activities for young and old. From experiments with seawater and sand to doing arts & crafts with plastic waste. A new item on the calendar in October is the Jazz at Sea. After many years, The Hague ~ Scheveningen will finally have its own jazz festival again. The cultural temple of olden days, the Kurhaus, will be revived for this.


Throbbing engines and sand blowing in the air. In November, the Red Bull Knock-Out competition will take place again in Scheveningen. This is a sensational event with the boulevard used as bleachers and the sea as background decoration. A huge children’s party will of course be held in the marina when Sinterklaas and his Pieten come on shore. The days are getting shorter, but indoors there is much to be enjoyed. From Holland Casino, Tasty Comedy at the Pier or a musical in the AFAS Circus theatre.


The dark days before Christmas are extra cosy in Scheveningen during the Scheveningen Light Walk. While the lighthouse shines its beacon over the coastline, thousands of hikers walk through the bathing resort. On their way, they come across luminous art at surprising locations. Feest aan Zee of course ends in Scheveningen with the lighting of the bonfires. Who will build a record-breaking stack this year?