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Ooievaart grachten Den Haag rondvaart

Excursions and Activities


Up the paths, down the avenues. Discover The Hague on one of our excursions. Go by yourself or with an expert guide.

See the city through the eyes of the Hagenezen and Hagenaren. Stroll through the inner courtyards of The Hague or cycle through the special places from the city to the beach. Take the Ooievaart through the canals of The Hague. From architecture to coffee hotspots and the Binnenhof to hidden gardens, our excursions reveal the city's best-kept secrets. Bookable via the The Hague Info Store or online!

In addition to excursions, there are many fun activities in The Hague. Fun as a group outing with family, friends or colleagues. Enough opportunities to experience an unforgettable day together in our city.


Enter the Virtual Reality experience of The Hague

Step inside the magnificent Peace Palace to get exclusive virtual access to the architectural gem that houses the highest court in the world. Wander the virtual rooms of world-class museums to pay a virtual visit to masterpieces like the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Discover highlights and hidden gems of The Hague on our brand-new and first-ever exclusive VR tour of the city.

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