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Travel throughout the Netherlands in just one day in Madurodam, discover adventurous attractions at Duinrell or dive into the beautiful underwater world of Sea Life.


In The Hague there are also plenty of educational attractions and amusement parks for the whole family! Travel in one day throughout the Netherlands by visiting Madurodam, go on a (time) journey by watching a film at Omniversum or climb the lighthouse at Scheveningen. Do you prefer doing something sporty? Pay a visit to De Uithof!

Amusement parks

If you would like to go to an amusement park for the day, then you can try Duinrell or Drievliet. Alternatively, if you fancy a treasure hunt or something involving survival, why not visit Avonturia. Are you more curious about life at the bottom of the sea? Dive into the beautiful underwater world of SEA LIFE. You can experience the panoramic view of the North Sea by taking a ride on the Ferris wheel or that of the Zip line at The Pier.

Experience excitement and adventure? Then there are various attractions where you can spend a lot of hours. Here are a few suggestions:

Enter the Virtual Reality experience of The Hague

Step inside the magnificent Peace Palace. Wander the virtual rooms of world-class museums to pay a virtual visit to masterpieces like the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Discover highlights and hidden gems of The Hague on our exclusive VR tour of the city.

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