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Surprising date spots in The Hague


Looking for a special place for a date in The Hague? Whether it's a romantic dinner, an adventurous activity, or a cultural experience, The Hague offers something for everyone. Whether you just met or have been together for a long time, we have listed the best ideas for an unforgettable date for you. Here are the best places to enjoy together.

Culinary dates

Picnicking on the beach
Nothing is more romantic than a picnic on the beach. Pack a basket full of goodies and enjoy the sunset together while listening to the sound of the waves. The beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin offer the perfect setting for an idyllic date. No picnic basket on hand? No problem! The beach tents are running at full capacity. Reserve a comfortable beach bed and enjoy the offerings. 

The Pier Scheveningen
Enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the sea on Scheveningen's iconic Pier. Here you can dine together while enjoying the panoramic view of the North Sea. The range of restaurants makes this a versatile place for any culinary choice.

Mooiste stranden en wijken
Which beach of The Hague is the spot for me?
Koppel wandelt op strand Scheveningen met de Pier en het reuzenrad op de achtergrond
Face the sunset together for an idyllic beach date in The Hague.

The Hofftram
Board the Hofftram, a classic streetcar from The Hague that has been converted into a moving restaurant. During a ride through the city, enjoy a delicious four-course dinner. This unique experience combines culinary delights with a sightseeing tour of The Hague. (Maybe not ideal for a first date, because you have nowhere to go if the conversation falls silent! ;)

Club Omen
For a culinary experience that literally and figuratively stands high above the rest, Club Omen is the place to be. Located on the top three floors of the Strijkijzer, higher than the Euromast, this new hotspot can accommodate 90 guests. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner where pure products and sustainability are key. And before or after dinner you can visit the champagne lounge for a glass of bubbly. A date at this height is sure to impress!

Luchtfoto vanaf Strijkijzer Den Haag
Club Omen
Club Omen: dining at 135 meters high.

Adventurous Dates

For active couples, SnowWorld offers a great opportunity to hit the slopes together. Whether you want to ski or snowboard, this indoor ski hall provides a day full of action and fun. It's cool, super cold and that gives you an excuse to warm each other up later.

Climbing together
Test your physical skills and work together as a team during a climbing session. The Hague has several climbing halls where you can climb together and enjoy a sporty and challenging date.

Surfing together 
Brave the waves together in Scheveningen. Most surf schools at this surf spot offer lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers. Nothing connects more than mastering a new sport together and having fun on the water.

Aloha Beachclub, Surfschool & Surfshop in Scheveningen
Braving the waves together: an adventurous surf date on Scheveningen beach.

Suppen and trash fishing in The Hague canals
For a date that is not only active and fun, but also contributes to a better world, go supping and trash fishing in The Hague's canals. While paddling together through the picturesque waterways of The Hague, you'll help keep the canals clean by fishing up trash. It may not be the most romantic activity, but it's certainly a sustainable and meaningful way to spend time together!

Game of Petanque
At various locations in The Hague, you can enjoy a fun and competitive evening with a game of petanque. The restaurant Villa Coucou also offers delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere. Combine your dinner with a fun game for an original date.

Taking a romantic boat ride in Westbroek Park or along the Waterfront is a perfect way to enjoy each other's company. Rent a boat and explore the serene waterways together, surrounded by greenery and flowers. An intimate and relaxing experience that makes for great memories.

Pub quiz night
What could be more fun than proving that you know more than your date? Go to a pub quiz night together and test your knowledge in a fun atmosphere.

Binnenhaven Kompaan
Pubquiz Kompaan
Kompaan's craft-beer bar regularly hosts events such as a pub quiz or theme night.

Cultural Dates

Museum Voorlinden
Visit the beautiful Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, just outside The Hague. This museum combines modern and contemporary art with serene surroundings. Walk hand-in-hand through the exhibitions and enjoy the art and architecture.

The Hague Film House
For a cultural evening, visit Filmhuis Den Haag. Not only the latest arthouse films are shown here, but also classics and special documentaries. After the film you can chat in the café while enjoying a drink.

Coffee in a nice coffee bar
Start your date with a good cup of coffee at one of the many hip coffee shops The Hague has to offer. Places like Lola Bikes and Coffee and Tigershark Coffee offer the perfect setting for a relaxed and intimate start to your time together.

Nothing gets you to know each other better than making a good fool of yourself. Go to a karaoke bar and sing your favorite songs for a hilarious and unforgettable evening.

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