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Tuin van het Kunstmuseum in Den Haag

Summer holiday fun for kids

The summer holidays have arrived and that means it's time for adventure, fun and relaxation! In The Hague, there are countless activities to entertain children of all ages. Are you going out for a day in The Hague or do you live there but feel like discovering something new? Whether you're in town or at the beach, check out the summer holiday activities for kids in The Hague and Scheveningen. Enjoy the summer!

Activities for young children 


Take your little ones on an adventure through miniature Holland! In miniature park Madurodam, there are world-famous miniatures, all kinds of fun games and attractions. For example, the new attraction 'The Dutch Masters' recently opened where you can learn more about the time of the famous Dutch painters by exploring, climbing and touching everything. For the little ones, there is Miffy's playground where they can swing, seesaw and build sandcastles. 

Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest) 

Go on an adventure in the Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest), a beautiful nature area in the middle of the city. A lovely place to spend time. And nice touch: on hot summer days it is always nice and cool in the woods. Children can have a blast in the adventurous Robin Hood playground with equipment, cableways and climbing walls. Or download the Haagse Bos app: with this you can do an interactive puzzle tour!

Speelbos Robin Hood Haagse Bos
Haagse Bos App - foto Arnaud Roelofsz
Just fill the picnic basket: the Haagse Bos is the place to be!

City farms

The Hague has several city farms spread throughout the city, such as the Gagelhoeve on the Mient and the Reigershof (Haagse Hout) . Here, children can meet farm animals such as goats, sheep, rabbits and chickens. They can help feed the animals and cuddle the guinea pigs. 

Children's Book Museum

For book lovers, a visit to the Children's Book Museum is an absolute must. Introduce the kids to the world of stories and imagination. Children aged 0 to 6 can visit the exhibition Kikker or ABC with the animals. During the holidays, there are also several creative workshops for children aged 7+ during the Summer Drawing School (in Dutch). 

Kids and families
Playgrounds in The Hague
Ik ben Kikker - Kinderboekenmuseum - foto Eveline van Egdom
The 'Ik ben Kikker' exhibition at the Children's Book Museum is fun for little ones!

Activities for older children


Museon-Omniversum is all about the earth, people and a sustainable future. There is plenty to do: watch breathtaking big-screen films about nature, culture and science in the Dome (Omniversum), learn all about the 17 World Goals and get to work yourself with smart solutions for a sustainable future. 

Beeld & Geluid in Den Haag

In this museum you will learn all about media: you will discover what roles journalists, politicians and ourselves have, how to attract attention and how our reality is 'coloured' by those who do it best. Make your own front page of a newspaper and experience what it is like to give a press conference under pressure from journalists. This museum is suitable for children aged 12 and over.

Outdoor sports

The Hague's elongated coastline is the place to let off steam. Think surfing lessons on the beach, beach volleyball, supping and sailing. Or how about a game of padel or climbing a climbing wall?

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In Den Haag heb je verschillende Padelbanen
Sportieve activiteiten in Den Haag
Golfsurfen Noorderstrand
Learn to surf on Scheveningen beach.

Restaurants with kids

All that fun makes you hungry! The Hague is not only known for its world-class restaurants, but also offers plenty of child-friendly eateries that are perfect for the whole family.

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De Boomhuttenclub
At the Boomhuttenclub, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch while the children play in the wooden treehouses. 

Children's Walking Tour The Hague (6 to 13 years) 

The children's walk is not only super fun to do, you also get to know the city in a funny way. Each number comes with a question that lets you really get to know the city. For instance, do you know which animal features in The Hague's coat of arms? And what does it mean when the flag can be seen at Paleis Noordeinde? Put the letters of the correct answers together and you will get the solution. Do you know the right answer? 

Check out the children's walking tour
Haags Jantje Foto Rob Hogeslag
China Town
You will really get to know The Hague with the city walk for children. 
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