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Sushi eten in Den Haag

Sushi restaurants in The Hague

Japanese cuisine: who doesn't love it? Crispy fried tempura, fresh sushi and sashimi, a bento box filled with Japanese dishes ... In The Hague and at the beach of Scheveningen there is a lot of choice when it comes to Japanese food: from authentic restaurants, fine hip addresses to the well-known all-you-can-eat restaurants.

Kiraku - Toussaintkade 31 

Opposite the Palace Gardens, Kiraku is one of the first authentic sushi restaurants in The Hague. You are seated at small tables on the floor (but there are also some normal tables), and according to Japanese tradition you take off your shoes when entering. Many people describe Kiraku as the best sushi restaurant in The Hague. Don't forget to make a reservation! 

Momiji - Rabbijn Maarsenplein 1 

Rabbijn Maarsenplein (hidden behind the Nieuwe Kerk and Chinatown) is home to many restaurants and bars with a mix of different cultures. At Momiji, you can get the most delicious maki and nigiri from the conveyor belt on which the sushi chefs place the freshest sushi. Of course, you can also sit at the 'normal' tables and benches. 

Momiji Sushi Chinatown Den Haag
Tip: around the corner from Momiji Sushi at Rabbijn Maarsenplein is Momiji Ramen for home-made Japanese ramen and gyoza.

Oni Japanese Dininig - Prinsestraat 35

At Oni you eat the most delicious authentic Japanese dishes (think perfectly grilled tempura and bento boxes) and delicious fresh sushi. The interior is sleek, modern and minimalistic. Oni does not mean exceptional in Japanese for nothing! 

Noh - Prinsestraat 77

Noh on the Prinsestraat has a sleek, modern interior with a typical Japanese style. A regular customer of the sushi restaurant is the Japanese Embassy in The Hague, for which Noh regularly provides the catering. So the quality of the food will be just fine!

Restaurant Noh on Prinsestraat has a sleek, modern interior with a typical Japanese style.

Japanese Restaurant Benkei - Denneweg 142

In the traditional Japanese restaurant Benkei in the Hofkwartier not only sushi and sashimi are on the menu, but also many Teppan Yaki dishes. Want to learn how to roll the perfect sushi? You can also follow various (sushi) workshops here! 

Kyatcha - Frederik Hendriklaan 122

In the Statenkwartier on 'De Fred' you will find the newest addition Kyatcha. A modern Japanese cuisine, fusion dishes, fresh sushi, delicious cocktails: a great place to discover! 

De Sushimeisjes - various locations 

Loved by many people in The Hague: De Sushimeisjes. What started with a passion for sushi has grown into three locations in The Hague (Prins Hendrik, Valkenbos and Kijkduin). The sushi is always more than fresh, because it is prepared when you order it. 

All-you-can-eat sushirestaurants

Sometimes you just want a lot of choice, then an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant is perfect! Besides sushi, the menu is often full of tempura, yakitori, grilled meat and fish, vegetable dishes and fried snacks. And a good thing too: when you pay, you won't be faced with a big surprise. In The Hague, there are several all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants: Shabu Shabu (Torenstraat), Dozo Sushi & Grill (Prinsenstraat), Sumo (on Herengracht in the centre and Palacestraat in Scheveningen) and Kyoju (on Plesmanlaan in Ypenburg).

More tips for sushi in The Hague

Of course there are more restaurants in The Hague and Scheveningen where you can eat delicious sushi. In the harbour of Scheveningen at fine dining restaurant Catch by Simonis there is besides a lot of fresh fish also a lot of sushi on the menu. The same applies to the other restaurant of Simonis: Encore by Simonis. At the Harbour Club, unlike the name suggests on the Binckhorst, you have a lot of choice of fish, seafood and sushi and a beautiful view over the city! 

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