Benno Tempel - Kunstmuseum director on his The Hague

Although he now lives in Amsterdam for practical reasons, our royal city was the beloved home of Benno Tempel for four years. Besides gazing within the walls of this building designed by Berlage, he also loves admiring other interiors. And he also enjoys everything The Hague has to offer with a passion.

Mondriaan: Victory Boogie Woogie
Kunstmuseum Den Haag
De Wonderkamers in Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Centennial 'From Mondrian to Dutch Design'

During the centenary 'From Mondrian to Dutch Design' in 2017, the Netherlands is celebrating 100 years of De Stijl and, for the first and only time in its history, Kunstmuseum Den Haag is presenting all 300 Mondrians in one unique retrospective exhibition! Even Mondrian's most fragile works will be on display once only!