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Cello Cello - Oud (6+)

Coproduction with Cello Biënnale Amsterdam
City center
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What is your age anyway? Just a number? And what does it mean when you are old, or young? What does ancient music sound like, and what does contemporary music sound like? Why do you thank something, and why do you keep something? How exciting are old things...

About the performance

Playfully, director Martin Hofstra guides cellists Pepijn Meeuws and Emile Visser through this visual and musical journey. Humour and seriousness alternate during and between the most beautiful musical repertoire imaginable. From medieval music to jazz, from world music to rock. An interplay between top-level classical and contemporary music and free mime, combined with magic, humour and poetry. Old shows and hears how powerful you can be if you are who you are: old or young, dirty or clean.

Dates and Times

Sunday 13 October
Amare Studio
€ 9,50 - 12,50
Regular € 12,50
Youth up to 12 years € 9,50
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