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Laurens Mostert - … and now Black

Laurens exposeert werken uit de serie Lumina. Lumina betekent niet alleen licht, maar ook holten. Een zeer toepasselijke titel, want vanuit hun holten geven deze schilderijen licht.
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Laurens exhibits works from the Lumina series. Lumina not only means light, but also voids. A very appropriate title, because these paintings emit light from their recesses.

Laurens was creative from an early age, but also interested in technology. He therefore initially wanted to become an architect. Because the creative element within the architecture course was disappointing, he switched to the graphics department of the Royal Academy of Art. Laurens has been active as an artist since 2014. Inspired by the zero movement, he created original work in the tradition of Jan Schoonhoven: meticulously constructed white reliefs made of wood, such as clothespins. Laurens has now developed his own and unique visual language. He has distanced himself from absolute minimalism and no longer uses exclusively white, but - at the moment - mainly black. He even occasionally applies color very subtly and gives his creativity more space. However, he remains faithful to the principles of minimalism, because it is precisely in the subtle and simple that the spirituality, grandeur and infinity that matters to him are hidden for him: “Emptiness contains everything”. Lauren's artistic statement is:

Everything is made from smaller parts than itself

Yet everything is part of something larger than itself

Everything changes constantly

Yet everything turns into the same patterns

Everything falls apart at one point

Yet everything forms new connections

Laurens shows several series in which he expresses in different ways the tension that is so typical of his work: chaos and order, intuition and analysis, creative and technical. In Lumina, the series he is exhibiting in the Gallery, he pasted grids on primed black painted plates, the miniscule cavities of which he filled with different color combinations of ink with a pen and under a magnifying glass. Although Laurens accurately records the color combinations he has developed himself in advance, the final result is unpredictable and surprising. This creates works that fascinate with their floating, mysterious, even spiritual appearance. In the Excavations series, which evolved from Lumina, Laurens applies a completely different technique. He applies many layers of paint on top of each other and scrapes them off using different techniques. But the effect remains the same: dreamy, mysterious images that you don't easily get tired of. 
Laurens is therefore very successful as an artist. His work is permanently represented in the Galerie Mia Joosten in Amsterdam, the Art Gallery Rozendaal in Montfort and Bart Wouters Art Gallery in Brasschaat in Belgium. He also regularly holds exhibitions and sells his works through the AAF Brussels, AAF Amsterdam and Art Laren fairs.  

Dates and Times

8 February 13 March
13:30 – 17:00
13:30 – 17:00
13:30 – 17:00
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