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Matcha Workshop at Hug The Tea

Matcha Workshop bij Hug The Tea
City center
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Every month people come to Hug The Tea in the Matcha bar in The Hague for high teas, workshops and tastings. During a Tea Tasting they serve 5 rounds of teas (incl. Matcha) and snacks, also called 'tea pairing'. They also organize Matcha Workshops upon request/reservation. 


During the Matcha Workshop at Hug the Tea you will work with Matcha, the green powder from Japan. After the demo you will make Matcha tea with the 'chasen' (bamboo whisk) according to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. And you will make and taste even more Matcha drinks and snacks, such as the Matcha latte + sweets. The workshop ends with a Japanese loose tea in kyusu. 

The next Matcha workshop is scheduled for Thursday evening, March 14th at 7:30 PM. Order your ticket quickly


  • Time: 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM 
  • Duration: 1.5 hours + 
  • Location: Hug the Tea bar in The Hague 
  • Costs: € 40 (incl. matcha tea and matcha latte + 2 snacks and loose leaf tea and a new Matcha bamboo whisk worth €18.95 
  • Language: Dutch and English 
  • Minimum number of participants: min. 10 people per workshop 
  • Maximum number of participants: 15 people per workshop

Dates and Times

Thursday 14 March
Hug The Tea bar Papestraat 13
€ 40,00
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