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Noordhaus - Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Noordhaus - Endgame by Samuel Beckett
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After their success with the making of “Waiting for Godot”, Noordhaus International Theater Company furthers their exploration of Beckett's works by presenting “Endgame”, an absurdist tragicomedy about cyclical existence in a deserted future where all is beyond rationality.

Set after the end of the world, we follow the last humans of a now barren Earth and their daily routine. Considered Beckett’s most polished work, Endgame is a theatrical masterwork which explores themes of death, decay, art, storytelling and human connection.

Noordhaus is an amateur theatre company founded in Groningen in 2023 by three passionate artists: Medeea Anton (producer, director), Oisín Moyne (actor, director) and Geronimo Cappelli (composer, technician). After being active in the Groningen amateur theatre scene for several years, the group decided to start a foundation aimed at broadening the cultural offer within the English language theatre in The Netherlands, as well as facilitating the joint practice and production of amateur theatre plays. They mainly focus on avant-garde productions, but they are collaborating with other local theatre groups on different genres from the international repertoire.

After a succesful staging of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" in 2023, Noordhaus chose to continue their exploration of Beckett's work with "Endgame", a piece of theater considered to be his masterpiece and a central work of theater of the absurd. Through their repertoire, Noordhaus hopes to bring theater of the absurd to a new audience and invites people to discover the continued revelance of these works in the modern age.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 6 March
€ 15,00
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