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Symphonic Pink Floyd for War Child

Symphonic Floyd for War Child
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Musical Fusion for Charity: Symphonic Pink Floyd Unites Classical and Rock for War Child.

Experience how the timeless sounds of Pink Floyd are revived in a glorious symphonic experience, while at the same time helping children affected by war. Symphonic Pink Floyd for War Child is proud to announce an enchanting event where the iconic rock songs of one of the last century's most influential bands merge with the majestic harmonies of a full symphony orchestra.
The event, which takes place on 13 April 2024 at The Hague's World Forum, embodies the fusion of two musical worlds in an evening that many will remember. This special performance takes Pink Floyd's legacy to new symphonic heights and illustrates the power of music as a unifying force for change.

This evening promises to be more than just a concert; it is a harmony of purpose and performance. The creamy chords of 'Comfortably Numb' and the wistful melody of 'Wish You Were Here' will be enhanced by the rich sounds of the Hague Student Symphony Orchestra under the inspiring direction of Arne Visser. And amid this grandiose musical tapestry, young talent Julian Parker, a 14-year-old saxophone virtuoso, will surprise the audience with a solo performance that embodies the beauty of young talent and the power of music.
Eric Drabbe, spokesperson and inspirer behind this concert series, illustrates the essence of what makes this event special: "Whenever rock and classical come together so aptly, we realise that music is much more than entertainment. It is a universal language of hope, a voice for those who have no voice. And that is exactly what this concert has in mind - not just to move the listener, but to actually change lives."

Symphonic Pink Floyd for War Child is not just another concert series; it is an expression of solidarity with children who see their childhood overshadowed by the hardships of war. The organisation, led by Drabbe, is known for organising monumental events that raise substantial sums of money for good causes. With a history of successful events dating back to 2008, the organisation works tirelessly to provide both cultural enrichment and humanitarian contributions.
Peter Chattelin, the creative brain behind the formation Mister Pink and a pioneer within the Pink Floyd Tribute circuit in the Netherlands, adds his magical touch to the evening. The musicians of Mister Pink, all seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the Tribute circuit, will interpret what this evening means when musical passion is combined with a profound purpose. A unique evening where beautiful music and a heart for children combine to star, awaits audiences eager to witness a groundbreaking artistic fusion in support of a noble cause. Tickets are available now; witness this historic spectacle and contribute to a future where music and humanity triumph.

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Dates and Times

Saturday 13 April
€ 45,00
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