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Zomer op de Grote Marktstraat

The City Centre of The Hague


The bustling city centre has more to offer than the Parliament Buildings, Noordeinde Palace and the Peace Palace. Boutiques, cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries, flagship stores, museums, restaurants and a lot more. The royal city has something for everyone in terms of culture, shopping and going out.

de Bijenkorf
So peaceful! Be smart and shop on a weekday or during the morning.

A visit to the city centre of The Hague during COVID19, how does that work?

First of all: you are very welcome! However what is allowed and what is not allowed and what is actually allowed? What are the points that you will have to take into account when you visit the most beautiful city behind the dunes? Therefore, plan your visit to The Hague well, always keep 1.5 metres away from other people and go elsewhere if it is too busy somewhere: look for space. Below you will find a few important points in a row:

Opening Hours

  • In general, all shops are open, but due to the Corona virus, some shops in The Hague city centre still have adjusted opening hours. For those who want to be sure whether the store of their choice is open, it is wise to consult the social channels and website of the store in question.
  • The shops in the city centre are open until 8 p.m.
  • More information about the opening hours of the city centre can be found here.

Rules outside

  • Outside, groups of up to 2 people or 1 household are allowed.
  • When there is a continuous flow of people outside, such as at farms, the local authorities make agreements with the managers about the maximum number of people which can be admitted. This does not apply to markets.
  • You should always keep 1.5 metres distance from each other outside.

Mouth masks

  • "Wear a face mask in public indoor areas," is the urgent advice issued by the government. Strongly advised in publicly accessible indoor areas, think of shops, hairdressers and supermarkets.

Shopping & opening hours in The Hague

In The Hague city centre you will find the most exclusive chain stores in the Netherlands. All shops and well-known department stores, such as the Bijenkorf, Uniqlo and HEMA, are within walking distance of each other and the pleasant shopping streets are also completely car-free. From the Grote Marktstraat to the beautiful Passage, and from the royal Noordeinde to the historic Hofkwartier: the various shopping areas in the centre each have their own unique identity. This diversity makes this city centre the perfect place for a day of shopping.

Check the opening hours of the shops in the city centre 

More about shopping
Winkelen in een zee van ruimte in de Haagse Passage

Places of Interest in The Hague

Most sights within the Netherlands are within a range of a square metre and that applies to The Hague aswell, which is a city full of culture and history. In that respect, the royal city has a prominent place in Europe and the world. Visit highlights in The Hague, such as the Parliament Buildings, the famous Peace Palace and the beautiful Lange Voorhout.

View all the sights


The Hague city centre offers a wealth of impressive art. Admire the outstanding works of Rembrandt and Vermeer in the Mauritshuis. Discover the largest painting in the Netherlands at Panorama Mesdag. Let your imagination run wild in the Escher museum.

Accessibility of the Hague City Center

  • For cyclists among us: check all Biesieklette information here to see where you can safely park your bicycle.
  • The Q-Park garages in the city center are open and often have attractive parking deals.
  • Using public transport? Then don't forget your mouth mask and think about which door to use just before you step out. This way you take everyone into account.
  • Planning to come to the city center from always sunny Scheveningen? Grab a sharing scooter from Felyx, GoShare or Check for a change. After use, do park properly!
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