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Dudok Appeltaart (c) Dudok Patisserie

An insight into The Hague delicacies


There are several specialties & delicacies of The Hague that exist typically from The Hague, something that you should definitely try and where you will definitely get butterflies in your stomach from! Do you want to know more about the products and where to buy them. Are you ready? Just scroll!

1 Haagse Kakker

A generously filled bread with a dark cinnamon-almond paste and currants that smells good - and tastes good! 

The Haagse Kakker is available at Bakkerij Hessing on the Theresiastraat, which has been baking bread, pastries and cakes in The Hague for three generations. This store is known for its Hague specialties, including the Haagsche Kakker, Ooievaartjes, Den Haagelslag, Chocolate Jantjes, the Haagsche Hopjes Cake and a wide range of Sourdough bread.

Bij de Haagse Bakkerij Hessing kan je terecht voor de Haagse Kakker
You can get this typical city specialty in a small and large version at Bakkerij Hessing on Theresiastraat

2 Haags Likeur

The historic Van Kleef distillery is located in the center of The Hague and is known for its artisanal liqueurs and jenevers. The distillery was founded in 1842 and has had a tradition of craftsmanship and quality in the production of spirits ever since.

Likeurdistilleerderij Van Kleef
You can find well-known liqueurs such as Bruidstranen, Haags Hopje and Kruìde Baggâh at the Van Kleef distillery

3 Haagsch Hopje

The Haags Hopje is a traditional Dutch sweet, and it is best known for its distinctive coffee and caramel flavor. This sweet owes its name to Baron Hendrik Hop who was a great lover of coffee. He reportedly left his cup of coffee with sugar and cream on the stove one evening and the next morning the contents had turned to caramel. This is how Baron Hop sweets were created, which were given the name Haagsche Hopjes in 1880. Curious what they taste like? They are available in the The Hague Info Store

4 The Dungelmann croquette

One thing you should not miss when visiting The Hague: a delicious Dungelmann croquette. Dungelmann has been a household name in The Hague for years. Anyone who sees long queues in the Nieuwe Passage or at their branch on the Hoogstraat knows that many are enjoying a Dungelmann croquette or a Sandwich Ball.

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De specialiteiten van Dungelmann de Broodje Bal en dé Kroket (c) Slagerij Dungelmann
The Dungelmann croquette is perhaps the most famous croquette available. Not only in The Hague but also far beyond, this croquette is a sign of quality in whatever snack bar you visit.

5 Dudok Apple pie

Traditionally prepared cake with fresh apples, raisins and cinnamon, covered with a delicious crumb layer. You can enjoy this Dudok Apple Pie at the popular meeting place Dudok The Hague on the Hofweg.

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Dudok Den Haag
Dudok Appeltaart (c) Dudok Patisserie
You can eat the famous Dudok Apple Pie at Dudok Den Haag!

6 Maison Kelder

Well-known in The Hague and the surrounding area... a real Hague concept! The Hazelnut Cake from Maison Kelder who doesn't know this cake? This cake has been prepared by hand according to an authentic recipe for more than 85 years. But you can also enjoy many other delicacies here. Visit one of the stores or simply order in their webshop

7 Hague Beer

The number of beer breweries in The Hague has increased recently. There is therefore plenty of choice for beer lovers to enjoy a beer from The Hague, for example at the breweries of Eiber Bier, Kompaan or Haagse Broeders.

Get to know these Hague Breweries

8 Haagse Bal

The Haagse Bal is an exclusive bonbon ball handmade with the finest Fair Trade chocolate from the Belgian chocolate house Callebaut and original Haagse Hopjes liqueur. A treat from and of The Hague.

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