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Op vertoon van je DenHaagPas krijg je 5% korting op je bon bij Kompaan Thuishaven Bar en Brouwerij

Local beer brewers in The Hague


Local Beers

They are hip and special; local beers. Every self-respecting city nowadays has its own beer and therefore its own brewery. Also The Hague. But The Hague wouldn't be The Hague if it didn't have to be bigger and better and that's why you will find several breweries in the Hofstad. Here is a selection of some local beer brewers in The Hague.

Monastery brewery Haagsche Broeder

Not into the Catholic faith but more into beer? Then the Willibrordushuis is the place for you. This monastery in the middle of the historic Hofkwartier is a unique part of The Hague. The brothers of Sint Jan live here and have been brewing their “The Hague brother” for ten years. The idea was to get in contact with residents and visitors. They succeeded. Most people know where to find the brothers' beers. The brothers regularly organize tours and tastings in their brewery. And while you're there, be sure to visit the chapel, if only for the beautiful stained glass windows.

Kloosterwinkel Haagse Broeder bier
The beautiful monastery shop with Haagse Broeder Beer


Kompaan beer is brewed by Jeroen and Jasper, two school friends. That also explains the name 'Kompaan' (Dutch for companion). The two companions brew beer with special names such as 'Ally' and 'Bloedbroeder' (blood brother). The brewery/tasting room has a tough and raw appearance due to the design with sea containers and scaffolding wood and therefore fits perfectly in the industrial Binckhorsthaven. In the tasting room you can try no less than 20 beers on tap. You can also eat there. Perhaps wise with all those tasty beers. Not only big burgers on the menu, but also vegetarian nachos and even vegan 'bitterballs (a typical Dutch delicacy you must try!). Jasper and Jeroen regularly organize BBQs or small festivals of have bands playing. In the Torenstraat in the citycentre you will find another location of the Kompaan: the Binnenhaven.

Kompaan Thuishaven in Den Haag
Kompaan Binnenhaven
At Kompaan Thuishaven or Kompaan Binnenhaven it's always a good time! 

Eiber Bier

Eiber Bier is run by Jasper and Louise brewery. Jasper is the brewer, he comes up with the flavors and Louise takes care of the marketing and house style. You would drink Eiber just for the house style! A beautiful graphic image of a stork is the logo and can be found on the labels of the beer bottles, glasses, bags and even as a tattoo. The name Eiber means stork. And the stork is the coat of arms of The Hague. The beer flavors also refer to typical Hague things or have a Hague ingredient. For example, the 'Baron' is inspired by Baron Hop, the namesake of the Haagse Hopje (typical the Hague candy). Or 'Achter de Duine' (behind the dunes), a fresh wheat beer that tastes great on the beach! 
A tour/tasting at Eiber is highly recommended. And not only for the great location in a former Philips factory on the 6th floor. The view over The Hague is fantastic! Or enjoy a beer tasting while sailing through the canals of The Hague with The Hague Boat.

"A beer tasting while sailing through the canals of The Hague is a unique experience"
Eiber Bier Den Haag
Special beer for the Rembrandt year by Eiber Bier

De Prael

De Prael Brewery is located on the edge of the historic center. Despite the fact that it is large place, its cosy, atmospheric and warm. People and beer are important at De Prael. Firstly because drinking a beer together is much more fun. And secondly because this brewer helps people with a distance to the labor market to get back to work. De Prael brews no less than 17 different beers of which the Haegsche Prael is their pride. You can also eat a good meal at this brewery. They recommend a matching beer for each dish and some dishes contain beer. What do you think of 'beeramisu' for dessert?

Brouwerij De Prael
The unique and attractive location of De Prael

Brouwerij Scheveningen

As the name suggests this brewery is located at Scheveningen. The sea is therefor an important theme for the brewers and comes back in many forms. The beers from this brewery are divided into main catch and by-catch. The main catch are the regular beers such as the 'Zuidwester' and 'Boomschuit'. By-catch includes occasional beers. The brewers want to make their beer accessible to a wide audience, not only in taste but also in price.

Kompaan and Eiber beer is for sale at THIS (The Hague Info Store).

Brouwerij Scheveningen foto Facebook
Brouwerij Scheveningen foto Facebook
  The main catch of beers from Scheveningen Brewery


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