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Specialty Coffee en craftwork Single Estate

Top 10 coffee hotspots in The Hague


Good coffee is important. Very important. So here are tips on where to get the best coffee. The Hague has many places for good coffee. From fancy specialty coffee to a local brew; every neighbourhood has its own (hidden) coffee hotspots. Below are the top 10 spots where locals -as they call them- 'do bakkies'.

'Coffee lesson 1: In The Hague, you don't drink coffee, you 'do bakkies!'

1 Bodega Posthoorn - Lange Voorhout 39A

'If there is anything typical for The Hague, it is Bodega de Posthoorn'. Bodega De Posthoorn has been a household name in The Hague for years. A special café on the stately Lange Voorhout where artists, journalists, politicians, business people, tourists and expats have met for years. And ministers still enjoy having a cup of coffee here!

Hotel des Indes - High Tea
Food, drinks & nightlife
High tea in The Hague
foto Bodega de Posthoorn
The long-standing atmospheric typical Hague bodega De Posthoorn on the also atmospheric Lange Voorhout.

2 Lola Bikes and Coffee - Noordeinde 91

On Noordeinde in the cosy Hofkwartier quarter you will find Lola Bikes & Coffee. The name gives it away: this is where bikes and coffee come together. Lola's is a real meeting place for cycling and bike fanatics. But even if you don't like pedalling, you are of course very welcome here!

Lola bikes & coffee Den Haag
Lola Bikes and Coffee as you can see!

3 Single Estate Coffee Roasters - Piet Heinstraat 15

Where else but in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier can you find this exclusive and fancy coffee bar. Drinking coffee here is an experience. You choose your own type of bean after the barista carefully informs you about the different varieties. The coffee is high-quality, sustainable and fair trade. This makes it taste even better.

Specialty Coffee en craftwork Single Estate
The flagshipbar of Single Estate Coffee Roasters.

4 Florencia - Torenstraat 55

Since 1932, Florencia has been a household name in The Hague. Florencia, also known as the living room of The Hague, may not be the best place for coffee (although it is nice and cheap) but it is a very nice place and should be part of any visit to The Hague. Here you will find the real locals meeting on the terrace for a cappuccino, a real Italian ice cream and a tall tale.

Het lekkerste ijs van Den Haag: Florencia
Florencia, is also a great place for ice cream!

5 Hop & Stork - Passage 82

Two ex-bankers (thankfully) followed their passion and gave The Hague Hop and Stork! In a fantastic location at the entrance to the Passage, you'll enjoy the tastiest coffee. They also make delicious artisanal chocolate there. Opt for a tasting; coffee (or tea) with different chocolates.

Hop and Stork also serves delicious ice cream!
Coffee to go in Den Haag Hop en Stork foto Facebook
Hop & Stork not only has delicious coffee, the chocolate is great too!

6 JoeJoe Specialty Coffeebar - Brouwersgracht 4-L

JoeJoe is the coffee bar of Roast Factory, a coffee roastery in The Hague. Tip: Have a warm cardamom roll with your bakkie. At JoeJoe it is spacious and light so also a nice place to work on your laptop.

JoeJoe specialty Coffeebar
JoeJoe specialty Coffeebar
JoeJoe is a bit hidden. Search well, the coffee is well worth it.

7 Tigershark Coffee - Badhuisstraat 114

Tigershark Coffee is a Scheveningen hotspot run by baristas and surfers. Even non-surfers feel at home here. There is a nice laidback vibe as you would expect from surfers. The baristas serve delicious specialty coffee from special coffee roasters, brewed with love and patience.

Tigershark coffee Scheveningen foto facebook
At Tigershark, you come for a laid-back vibe and good coffee.

8 Duckrabbit Coffee Brewers - Molenstraat 63

In the cosy and historic Hofkwartier you will find Duckrabbit; fantastic coffee, sweet service and inspiring surroundings. Here you'll never want to leave!

Duckrabbit Coffee Brewers
DuckRabbit Coffee Brewers
Specialty coffee and love; the ingredients for a perfect brew!

9 Norvolk - Kranenburgweg 160

Norvolk is a lunchroom with Swedish dishes and a fresh Scandinavian interior. Owner Carla lived in Sweden for years and brought the Swedish baking skills with her to The Hague. Like being in Sweden for a while but with a view of the Scheveningen harbour

Norvolk Scheveningen
Enjoy Sweden and Scheveningen in one!

10 Anne&Max - Kerkplein 4

Anne&Max is an atmospheric large living room in the city where guests feel at home every moment of the day. In an easy chair to read the newspaper, at the large reading table to catch up, at a table to work or at the bar for a quick espresso. 

Anne_en_Max_ Den_Haag
With your DenHaagPas, you get a free coffee with your breakfast/lunch at Anne&Max!

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