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Trans-humanism / infinity / anonymity / re-integration of personality

Maciej Kuzminski
Trans-humanism / infinity / anonymity / re-integration of personality
28 May
City center
Age category
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A visionary and symbolic work at the border of dance theater and visual arts. It draws attention to the phenomenon of trans-humanism as an idea of life focused on the egocentric unit: i-phone, i-pad, instagram, infinity! Presenting a hypothetical, but nonetheless likely transformation of consciousness from the dying body of an old man to the body of a newborn child, this spectacle-journey takes the viewer to a timeless place, where disintegration and reintegration of personality happens in bodies without the sense of self.

Contained in the pursuit of individuality, while becoming similar to others, a paradox of modernity is drawn, a chameleon effect. Trans-humanism in Kuźmiński's eyes is no longer a science-fiction, but a gradually progressing global phenomenon - a redefining current for the foundations of humanity, altering the sense of belonging, ways of communication, and pushing the boundaries between technology and i.

Dates and Times

Thu 28 May
€ 15,00 - € 17,00