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Capriole Café

Coffee time; coffee hotspots in The Hague


Good coffee is of vital importance. That is why we are happy to give you some suggestions where to drink your best coffee in The Hague. The Hague has many places for tasty coffee. From fancy specialty coffee to a standard cup of coffee; each district has its own hidden coffee hotspots. Below a list of places where we as locals like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

  • Capriole Café (see photo above)
    Capriole Café is a real The Hague hotspot. Tucked away in the beautiful industrial Binckhorst on the water in the Binckhorst near the centre of The Hague, this is a wonderful place to enjoy organic and fair trade coffee from our own coffee roaster.
  • Hop and Stork
    Two former bankers followed their passion and gave us Hop & Stork!  You can enjoy the best coffee at a fantastic location at the entrance of the Passage. They also make delicious artisan chocolate
  • Bodega De Posthoorn 
    Bodega De Posthoorn has been a household name in The Hague for years. A special café on the stately Lange Voorhout where artists, journalists, politicians, business people, tourists and expats have been meeting for years. Even the ministers drink their coffee here!
  • Hometown Coffee
    In this hip industrial place in the middle of the centre, they serve great coffee. From cappuccino to slow coffee, everything is delicious here. Hometown Coffee is also a great place to work quietly behind your laptop.
  • Bookstor
    At the Noordeinde in the cozy Hofkwartier  you will find Bookstor.; a lovely place for coffee, fresh cakes, local art and books. Many books! Enjoy your coffee in the garden or on the terrace with a view of Noordeinde Palace. And don't forget to order their homemade date cake! 
Bookstor Noordeinde Den Haag
Bookstor Noordeinde
  • Florencia 
    Florencia has been a household name in The Hague since 1932. Perhaps not the best place for coffee however it is nice and cheap and definitely a place that should not be missed as part of a visit to The Hague. Here you will find the real locals who meet at the terrace for a cappuccino or a real Italian ice cream.  
  • Single Estate Coffee Roasters 
    Where else than in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier can you find this exclusive and fancy coffee bar. Drinking coffee here is an experience. You can choose your own bean type after the barist has carefully informed you about the different types. 
  • Nog Een Bakkie
    This coffeeshop at Scheveningen has a 60's look and feel because of the cosy and colourful interior. The case lives up to its name; after drinking the special blend of coffee you immediately want another one hence the name in Dutch "Nog een Bakkie".
  • Coffee-Star
    Coffee-star, located in the Public library serves quality coffee in a cosy, personal way. 
Nog Een Bakkie Scheveningen
Nog een bakkie
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