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Haagse duinen



"Beautiful city behind the dunes" is a line from a well-known Hague song that is mostly about the city The Hague. But without the dunes, The Hague would be nowhere. So here's a paean to The Hague's dunes. Because how unique it is to live or holiday in a city with 11 kilometres of coastline. Want to escape the hectic city life? Or are you looking for some peace and quiet? You can be in the beautiful dunes from the city centre in only 15 minutes.

Relaxing in the green

The residents of The Hague have known it for a long time, the dunes are the perfect place to relax. All year round. Walking, cycling, running, horse riding ... the Hague's dune area is very extensive and you can visit the dune area via various entrances. Beautiful paths have been laid out, making it nice to walk. And your visit to the (quiet) beach starts with a short walk through the dunes. You will arrive at the beach all zen!

Children also enjoy the dunes immensely. There is much to discover, play with and the chance of encountering a fox or Scottish Highlander makes it extra exciting. An educational visit to the hedgehog shelter is highly recommended.  At the Hedgehog Shelter, volunteers help sick and injured hedgehogs. Every first Saturday of the month, from 2-4 pm, there is open day at the Hedgehog shelter. Sure parents also enjoy these cute little animals.

Parks and forest
Wandelen door het Westduinpark
De egelopvang Westduinen foto Facebook
Fancy a nice walk in Westduinpark and perhaps visit the hedgehog sanctuary? (photo: Facebook hedgehog sanctuary)

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen

Along the Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen (South Holland coastal area, from Hoek van Holland to Hillegom, including the Hague coast), lies the National Park Hollandse Duinen. Created, over 5,000 years ago, by rising sea levels, this is now a unique landscape. The The Hague part starts at the Zandmotor and runs to the Watertower at Scheveningen.

The Sand Motor; an innovative way of coastal maintenance with space for recreation and nature, is located on the border of Kijkduin and Westland. Because the water there is flat and shallow, it is a great place for kitesurfing.

At the separation of dune and city, the octagonal water tower at Scheveningen marks the beginning of drinking water extraction in the dunes. This water tower, from 1874, still works and can also be seen on the Panorama Mesdag painting.

Don't miss Meijendel. Officially, this part of the dunes belongs to Wassenaar but you can cycle there from The Hague in no time. Beautiful viewpoints and an area full of biodiversity. From visitorcentre De Tapuit in Wassenaar, you can go in every direction in Meijendel.

Locals have known it for a long time; the dunes are the place to unwind.

Walking and cycling routes

Walking or cycling is the best way to enjoy The Hague's nature. With the various cycling and walking routes, you can fully experience The Hague's dune area.

Whatever you do, enjoy it, but always do it with respect for nature.

Fietsen door de duinen van Scheveningen
Press Officer Stefan over zijn weidse kijk op een #zeevanruimte in Den Haag
Enjoy cycling or walking through the dunes. Highly recommended all year round!
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