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Het strand is er voor iedereen

The Hague by the sea


You can enjoy the beach in The Hague all year round. Whether it's for a day at the beach or a dinner at one of the beach pavilions, or to blow off a winter's day with a hot chocolate. The Hague has the luxury of 11 kilometers of coast on its doorstep. Each part of the beach has its own vibe.

Is good weather forecast? Some more tips:

  • The beach will probably get busy, so go early in the morning or go a little later for a nice beach evening, in summer the sun does not set until after 10 pm, you can immediately enjoy the sunset.
  • Also look for another place, just outside the bustle of the boulevard, see the tips below.
  • Travel smart: look here for tips to travel cheaply and quickly to Scheveningen.
  • Keep an eye on this website and our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If it gets too busy, Scheveningen can be closed.

Tip: For up-to-date information about accessibility of Scheveningen, look here.

From north to south you will find the following beaches in The Hague:

Zwarte Pad

A quirky and cozy beach on the dunes. On the one hand, less touristy than at the Kurhaus and the Pier, on the other hand, the place where most beach parties are held in summer.

Northern boulevard (Noordboulevard)

North Boulevard The Noordboulevard is located between the Zwarte pad and the beach of the Pier. This section of beach, on the boulevard with shops, kiosks and Foodhall Scheveningen, has an extensive beach with a panoramic view. It is usually also a lot quieter there than at the Pier.

Beach Kurhaus and the Pier

The beach in front of the beautiful well-known Kurhaus. Liveliness everywhere on this beach, with many beach pavilions, an entire boulevard full of eateries and various attractions, such as the Pier, Legoland and SEA Life Scheveningen.

Central Boulevard and the Northern Harbor Head (Middenboulevard en het Noordelijk Havenhoofd)

This beach, with lots of peace and space and a few beach pavilions, runs all the way to the Noordelijke Havenhoofd and is a real surf spot. Behind the boulevard you will also find the typical Scheveningen Keizerstraat with shops and cozy restaurants.

We now cross the Port of Scheveningen towards the Zuiderstrand and Kijkduin. Tip: Have a nice lunch or dinner in the middle of the activity in the harbor.

South Beach (Zuiderstrand)

The Zuiderstrand, directly behind the dunes, is also known among Hagenaars as the quiet beach. There are some authentic beach pavilions and it is a perfect place for water sports.


The small scale of Kijkduin gives it its charm and it is the ideal place for a long walk or bike ride. There is also plenty to do for children in Kijkduin. You can have a bite to eat at one of the beach pavilions or restaurants on the boulevard. On the boulevard you will also find a small shopping center for food and clothing.

Eating out on the beach

Barbecuing at a beach pavilion, dining with a view of the sunset, having a romantic meal in the atmospheric harbour: at the dozens of restaurants in Scheveningen and Kijkduin you can relax after a day at the beach. And the fish? It comes fresher here than fresh straight from the sea!

Barbecue on the beach? View the game rules here.

Spend the night on the coast or in the city center

There are many accommodations on the coast to spend the night. But you are also on the beach within a short time from the center of The Hague. A combination of city and beach where you spend the night in an accommodation in the center of The Hague is also recommended.


With thousands of hectares of dune areas and parks, the coast of The Hague offers plenty of space to enjoy freedom and nature. In the years to come, the Hollandse Duinen National Park will also create a 43-kilometer uninterrupted coastal landscape in South Holland, including Meijendel and Westduinpark in The Hague.

The Hague has several beaches

Are you going to Zwarte pad, the beach at the Pier or are you looking for more peace and quiet at the Zuiderstrand or Kijkduin? Especially with busy beach days, it can be nice to determine in advance which beach you want to visit. We have listed the beaches for you, the choice is huge!

Choose your beach

Traffic and Transportation to the Beach

A day or weekend at the beach in Scheveningen or Kijkduin? Check in advance how you can travel best and fastest. The quickest way to the beach is by public transport, bicycle or scooter. Are you coming by car? Then use Park + Beach.

More information

Practical beach information

How do I swim safely in the sea? When can I take my dog ​​to the beach? Or where can I rent a beach wheelchair? We have listed all this practical information for you.

Prepared on the road
Scheveningen Pier
Beachresort Kijkduin
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Scheveningen Pier
Beachresort Kijkduin
HEt zuiderstrand vanaf de zee
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