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Raadhuis de Paauw Wassenaar - Foto: Sake Witteveen



Wassenaar and Voorschoten are two villages located between The Hague and Leiden, with a rich (royal) history, culture and lots of nature. It is not without reason that the motto here is "Experience the better outdoors".

An oasis of tranquility can be found just 15 km from the heart of The Hague; the villages of Wassenaar and Voorschoten. With a lot of natural beauty, think of Meijendel, part of the Dutch Dunes National Park, De Wassenaarseslag, the road to the beach, check the webcam beforehand. Vlietland water recreation area but also a rich history with estates and castles such as Duivenvoorde Castle. A piece of royal history can be found at Landgoed de Horsten, where King Willem Alexander lived with his family until he moved to The Hague. Take a lovely walk through the park and drink a cup of tea in Paviljoen de Horsten. A museum visit on your wish list then pay a visit to Voorlinden.

Shopping in Wassenaar - Voorschoten
In the Langstraat in Wassenaar it is pleasant shopping with top boutiques and culinary shops. In Voorschoten the shops are concentrated around the Schoolstraat.

Experience culture in Wassenaar - Voorschoten
For a museum visit, go to Louwman museum, with a beautiful collection of cars. Discover the estate and Museum Voorlinden. If you want to know everything about the history of Voorschoten, pay a visit to the Historical Museum Voorschoten.

Studfarm in 't Groene Hout is a popular centre for rural culture in Wassenaar around the themes of nature, music and wildlife. Among other things, you can go here for riding tours and other arrangements.

Tension and relaxation in Wassenaar - Voorschoten
What are you looking forward to? Spend a day at Duinrell. Easy to reach from The Hague and plenty to do for a whole day of fun. Do you dare to ride the Falcon roller coaster, or take the small children to the kids playa. A climbing park can be found at Reaction Area Vlietland and in the summer there is a great aqua park there.

Culinary enjoyment in Wassenaar - Voorschoten
All kitchens are represented around the Langstraat and the church in Wassenaar. In Voorschoten you can enjoy the outdoors and indoors on the Voorstraat.

Spend the night in Wassenaar - Voorschoten
If you want to spend the night in Wassenaar - Voorschoten, there are various options. At Duinrell you spend the night with your own tent or in a rental lodge or holiday home. There is something to tick for every family composition. With the offers here. Camping on the water is possible at Camping Vlietland. The first Van der Valk hotel in the Netherlands is located in Voorschoten, the Golden Lion with wellness, nature playground and the first Van der Valk Versmarkt. In Wassenaar, you will find the completely renovated Van der Valk Hotel Den Haag - Wassenaar. So plenty of choice!

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