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Haagse Bos

Autumn in The Hague


Of course The Hague is always beautiful and a great place to stay. Every season has its charm and there is always something to do. Also in the fall. The beautiful colors of the leaves and sometimes a warm autumn sun. Lovely weather for a walk, but also to enjoy new exhibitions and special performances indoors. The cultural season is back in full swing. We are happy to give you some inspiration to fully enjoy this autumn in The Hague.

When it's still nice outside

  • The coast
    The beach paviilions can remain this winter. They're just not all open all winter, but most don't close their doors until after the autumn break. So great to warm up with a hot chocolate after a walk on the beach. Somewhere along our 11 kilometers long coastline you will probably find a nice spot. 
  • Estate Ockenburgh
    It is actually always wonderful to walk on Landgoed Ockenburgh. Here you forget that you are in a busy city! The estate is a beautiful piece of nature in The Hague! And treat yourself afterwards to something delicious at Villa Ockenburg.
  • Walking on estate Clingendael
    The estate Clingendael is a wonderful place for an autumn walk. The colors of the trees are now beautiful and you will encounter many special mushrooms here. Even those red ones with white dots!
    The Japanese garden is also located on the estate. This garden is only open twice a year because it is so fragile because of the rare flowers and plants. The Japanese Garden (the oldest and largest Japanese garden in the Netherlands) is therefore the pride of Clingendael.
    This fall, the garden will be open from Saturday, October 16 to Sunday, October 31, 2021, every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Japanese Garden
Buitenplaats Ockenburgh
Estate Ockenburgh

Must do this fall

  • Masterly The Hague
    Masterly is a unique design festival. Contemporary designers, photographers and artists use an 'old master piece' as a muse for their design. In beautiful historic buildings in the Museumkwartier  you can admire their special work based on these classic paintings. These buildings are usually not open to the public, which makes the event even more special.
    21 to 24 October

    Learn more about The Hague during a walk, bikeride or tour. You can explore the city on your own with one of our free themed walking or cycling routes. In October you can sometimes still take a boat trip if the weather cooperates a bit. Otherwise, a ride with the Tourist Tram is a nice alternative. This historic tram runs until November.

    Enjoy a show in the brand new Amare theater
    In the center of The Hague, on the Spuiplein, a new cultural place of the city is emerging. Amare, the new home of the former Zuiderstrandtheater, Nederlands Dans Theater, Residentie Orkest and the Royal Conservatoire, will open its doors at the beginning of September 2021 for guided tours and introduction performances. From November 19, there will be a festive opening program to kick off the first season in the largest art building in the Netherlands. 

Masterly The Hague
Masterly The Hague

Dicscover The Hague

Check here how you prefer to discover The Hague; on foot, by bicycle or by boat.

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Also nice (with kids)

  • Terraces and courtyard garden
    What could be nicer than a cup of coffee on a terrace or a cozy drink in a hidden courtyard garden? There are also plenty of heated terraces so you can extend your summer a bit. Don't feel like sitting outside but do you want a terrace feeling? Then choose the cozy food halls in the city center or the brand new food hall in Scheveningen.
  • Attractions
    There are plenty of fun indoor attractions open for a fun day out for the whole family. How about a spectacular film in the Omniversum or watching animals in the mini-zoo of Avonturia? But some outdoor attractions are also still open until the autumn holidays. Admire the Netherlands in miniature at Madurodam, discover marine life at Sealife or go on a roller coaster in Duinrell, or enjoy a day trip to Drievliet.
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Scheveningen is a new indoor attraction, located on the Boulevard of Scheveningen, based on the iconic LEGO® brick. There is plenty to do for children from 3 to 10 years old. 
Foodhall Scheveningen
Foodhall Scheveningen

Events featured this fall


Check the full calender

Fun shopping

After that long lockdown, it's great to go shopping again in The Hague. Despite the difficult times, quite a few new stores have opened in The Hague. How about the delicious fresh typical Dutch cookies 'stroopwafels' from Van Schaik? Or a peanutbutter shop in Spuistraat? And also time to start knitting a warm winter sweater. You can buy the most beautiful wool for this at Cross and Woods on the Westeinde.

Check out our store page here. Do you want to know everything about the different shopping areas in our region to discover new stores? Get inspired here! And if the weather is really bad outside, you can shop indoors at  he Westfield Mall of the Netherlands.


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Local shopping
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