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India Dance Festival: Poernima Gobardhan

Poernima Gobardhan
City center

Kāli + My Pitṛs

Poernima Gobardhan is one of the great talents of Indian dance in the Netherlands. In her work, she translates, deliberately and with integrity, the ancient stories, subjects, and concepts from classical Indian literature into choreographies that have their impact, even today. Tonight she dances two solos.

In Kāli feminine strength and immortality are central. The solo is inspired by the goddess Kāli who is sometimes erroneously referred to as the goddess of death because of the horrific way she is depicted. ‘Kāli wants to make an end to the egocentric approach to the world. In this light, I see a goddess filled with compassion’, says Poernima. With her solo, this creative from The Hague places Kāli in the context of today’s world, of which Poernima thinks that we often judge too quickly about the (unknown) other and catch them in stereotypes.

The restrained performance My Pitṛs (my ancestors) premiered online last year in the compact online edition  of the India Dance Festival. In this solo, Poernima reflects on the role the history of her parents fulfils in our lives. Past, present, and future are connected. Your ancestors are connected to your life, you stand on their shoulders.


Dates and Times

Friday 27 May
Korzo Zaal
€ 9,00 - 18,00
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