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Kalabanté - Afrique en Cirque

City center
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Kalabanté is an exciting journey to the African continent, a tribute to the Guinean diaspora. High-level acrobatics, innovative choreography and colourful rhythms.

Welcome to the universe of Kalabanté and prepare for an unforgettable journey!

About the show

Afrique en Cirque is Yamoussa Bangoura's latest show, inspired by daily life in Guinea. This performance was one of the highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and shares the beauty, youth and artistry of African culture. A colorful show that goes beyond just the decor, costumes and staging and that will make every theater shake with energy.

The strength, agility and zest for life of young Africans are central. The audience experiences how the acrobats seem to defy gravity and perform various human pyramids, all to the contemporary sounds of Afro Jazz, percussion and the kora, an originally indigenous string instrument from West Africa. Welcome to the Kalabanté universe and prepare for an unforgettable journey!

Dates and Times

Tuesday 10 December
€ 11,00 - 37,00
Regular € 17,00 - 37,00
Youth up to 29 years or student € 11,00
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