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Frederik Hendriklaan Statenkwartier

Explore the picture-perfect Statenkwartier

A Hague district full of international allure with one of The Hague's best-known shopping streets and located behind the dunes of Scheveningen: you will find the Statenkwartier. Stroll through the neighbourhood and experience the fine variety of unusual one-man shops and good catering establishments as well as art and culture.

Horeca in the Statenkwartier

The Old Jazz - Aert van der Goesstraat 7

One of the tastiest drinking spots in Statenkwartier is The Old Jazz. Warm, elegant and definitely one of the best drinking spots in the neighbourhood.

Toko Sawa - Frederik Hendriklaan 250

Quit your job and do where your passion lies. That's what sisters Daniella & Diana did and now they run their own Toko Sawa. An Indonesian gem on Fred.

Flavor's - Willem de Zwijgerlaan 44A

Eating at Flavor's means eating at a restaurant that has been voted 'the best spareribs restaurant in The Hague'. Entirely prepared in their burgundian way. Those spare ribs are so divine that you can even eat them unlimited. Feeling peckish?

The Old Jazz Den Haag
Ready for some jazzy art deco style at The Old Jazz or the homely cosiness of Flavor's?

Shopping in the Statenkwartier

Loua Loua - Frederik Hendriklaan 113

Searching for original women's clothing can be counted as a national sport for some. For this club, the question "Wow, where did you get it?" is sacred. Fashion shop Loua Loua undoubtedly helps these ladies with that. 

Paagman - Frederik Hendriklaan 217

If you think of bookshops and The Hague, Paagman comes to mind by default. This shop on the corner of Willem de Zwijgerlaan and Frederik Hendriklaan also has cool events and book presentations. You can easily spend a few hours here.

People in Public - Frederik Hendriklaan 195

Fashion for both men and women, at People in Public you will find unique brands. Tough jeans, fresh trainers or fine dresses, they have it all!

Brabants Lederwarenhuis - Frederik Hendriklaan 237

Hold on tight because if you love bags, you'll be shopping at Brabants Lederwarenhuis. Here you will find suitcases, bags, laptop bags, backpacks, school bags, accessories and much more. This family business has been on Frederik Hendriklaan since '72!

Statenkwartier brasserie Meys frederik hendriklaan.JPG
Shop first and then plop down on a terrace on 'De Fred' or vice versa, both are good!

Hague's stately architecture everywhere

The name says it all: in this district, you will be amazed by the stately architecture. Every street is a picture in itself. History and stylish modern architecture come together here. This is partly due to the characteristic turrets, which can be found throughout Statenkwartier.

Statenkwartier frederik hendrikplein
Statenkwartier Johan van Oldenbbarneveltlaan

You can spend a whole day here with shopping, culture and restaurants. You can also end that same day with a walk on the beach because Scheveningen is just around the corner. Actually, you could say that Statenkwartier is The Hague in miniature.

'Wide pavements, the characteristic turrets and lots of greenery: you're in Statenkwartier'
Statenkwartier Frederikhendrik plein park
Green and sprawling with beautiful parks such as Frederik Hendrikplein.

Culture in the Statenkwartier

Art and culture lovers will find what they are looking for in Statenkwartier. The Kunstmuseum is a must-see. The museum has impressive world-class exhibitions and owns a treasure trove of no less than 160,000 works of art, including masterpieces by Mondriaan, Karel Appel and Gerrit Rietveld. Around the Art Museum, you will also enjoy cool exhibitions at the Foto Museum or films for the whole family at the big-screen movie theatre Omniversum. Another kids' tip? Attend a performance at Koomans Poppentheater.

Statenkwartier kunstmuseum binnen
Fotomuseum Statenkwartier
Two must-sees for any Statenkwartier visitor: The Art Museum and the Photo Museum.
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