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Waterreus Scheveningen

These beach clubs in The Hague are opened during the Winter

The residents of The Hague have known it for a long time; the beach is always a nice place to go. Not only in summer but also during the winter. Maybe especially then; you get the feeling that the deserted beach is all yours. Get a breath of fresh air. And of course it is nice to warm up afterwards with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a cozy beach club. Many beach bars in The Hague are unfortunately only open during the summer, but fortunately not all of them! Here is a list of beach bars in Scheveningen and Kijkduin that are open all year round.

Aloha, Strand Noord 2B

Aloha is not only a beach club but also a surf school and surf shop. Even non-surfers like to come here for the delicious organic dishes on the menu. Aloha also gives surf lessons in the winter. And if you think that's too cold, just hang out by the fireplace, watching all those brave surfers.

Hart Beach, Strandweg 3B

Hart Beach has been a well known name on the Scheveningen coast since the 1970s. This laid-back beach club is the place to go to for surfing lessons, your surf outfit or for great food and drinks. A place where everyone has fun, 365 days a year! 

De Waterreus (see cover photo), Strandweg 3

This cozy trendy restaurant was the very first permanent beach club in Scheveningen. A beautiful sea view and fresh Scheveningen fish on the menu make the Waterreus a fine spot. Or how about freshly baked cake to eat alongside your hot chocolate?

Pier and Boulevard, Strandweg 150-154

On the Pier and the Boulevard you will find many cozy restaurants and cafes that are also opened in winter. Okay, they may not be real beach pavilions but they do have a sea view. You can grab some hot chocolate and drink that in front of the fireplace. Or go to the Foodhall Scheveningen where you can enjoy the colorful interior and choose from no less than 16 different cuisines!

The Harbor, Hellingweg 98 G-H

Overlooking the boats in The Harbor, it is great eating and drinking in the harbor. Whether you go for fresh fish at Catch, a refined dinner at Waterproef or Dutch pancakes at Oma Toos, even in winter the Scheveningen harbor is a top spot.

Lichtjes in de Jachthaven
The Harbour at Scheveningen is beautifully lit up

Foodcourt Daily Taste, Deltaplein 279

Even though Kijkduin is small, it still has a lot of charm. This cozy beach is also known as the family beach. Currently there is a lot of construction going on in Kijkduin. On the beach itself you won't find any beach bars open in the winter but the boulevard and food court Daily Taste make up for it. On the boulevard at the beach entrance you will find several restaurants where you can sit comfortably. And this foodcourt has so many goodies you won't know where to start; fresh fish, sushi, delicious cakes and a real wine bar!

The Coast Monster, Molenslag 10

Monster is a village in the Westland, near The Hague. If you take a bike ride through the dunes towards Westland, you basically pass it. From the sand motor you can walk there in half an hour. Go do that, it is worth it! The Coast is a cozy warm beach club with all kinds of fresh dishes on the menu. And the view is fantastic, because The Coast stands on pilars.

Staying overnight? 

A city trip to The Hague is always a good idea. Even in winter. A day of shopping, exploring the culture in the city center and the day after a nice walk on the beach. Click here for an overview of nice hotels in The Hague. 

Nieuw Kijkduin
The food court Daily Taste in Kijkduin.

In the mood for some fresh air?

Need a breath of fresh air at the Hague coast? Find inspiration here.

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