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Haagse ontbijspots

Have a delicious breakfast at these breakfast spots in The Hague


Start your day off right with a tasty breakfast. Whether you fancy a tasty healthy Açaibowl or a super-fresh croissant. And whether you want to lay a good foundation for your day of shopping or cultural outing in The Hague, or just to start your day at the beach ... This article is packed with delicious breakfast spots in The Hague and Scheveningen!

Bartine - Herengracht 11

Walking from The Hague Central Station towards the Plein, you can't miss this place! At Bartine's, enjoy delicious coffee, almond croissants, cardamom buns and avocado on sourdough bread. In the warmer months, there is a terrace in front that is always full. Tip: In Zeeheldenkwartier on Piet Heinstraat is Bartine's bakery for all the deliciousness for home.

Walter Benedict - Denneweg 6A

Are you an early bird or do you prefer to sleep in before you go out? At Walter Benedict on the Denneweg you are always in the right place! Here there is 'all day breakfast' on the menu: from a French petit dejeuner to avocado toast or a big breakfast sandwich. And if you make it an extensive brunch, then the mimosas are not to be missed!

Walter Benedict op de Denneweg in Den Haag
A delicious French bistro in The Hague: Walter Benedict.

Sam Sam - Noordeinde 162 

No matter what time you come to Sam Sam, you can have breakfast here all day long! Put together your own Açai or Greek yogurt bowl or think about the way you like to eat your eggs. Tip: can't decide what to eat? At Sam Sam you can order half lunch sandwiches, so you have the best of both worlds on your plate.

FOAM - Frederikstraat 44

This vegan hotspot for breakfast and lunch should not be missing from the list! From the Denneweg you cross the Javastraat a little further on you come to FOAM. The menu features delicious oat pancakes with seasonal fruit, salted caramel and coconut flakes, as well as yummy sandwiches and boawls. Extra nice: many dishes are gluten-free or have a gluten-free option.

Teds - Frederikstraat 32 

Next to FOAM you will find another well-known hotspot: Teds place. The menu here is a real treat: eggs benedict, French toast, sandwiches, pancakes, cakes ... and if you're in a brunch mood be sure to check out the sides (waffle fries!) and cocktails. Did we mention you can "have breakfast" here all day long?

Dignita - Prins Hendrikstraat 105

Have breakfast and lunch in one? Then head to Dignita for their delicious 'brunch'. On the menu, Dignita classics like the Benny Boy (poached eggs) and the famous American pancakes, with toppings matching the season. And the great thing is; you can come here all day for such a tasty brunch! 

Haley's Comet Breakfastclub - Piet Heinstraat 133

Back to the 80's! You immediately feel a little nostalgic with the 80's interior of Haley's Comet Breakfastclub. Bet you almost can't resist taking a breakfast-food photo here. The American pancakes here are super delicious, but if you want to go for something lighter, pick out a breakfast bowl.

Plenty - Piet Heinstraat 37

Another fine spot in Zeeheldenkwartier. At Plenty, everything is plant-based: from the cappuccinos to the sticky cinnamon rolls to the spelt pancakes with the homemade chai chocolate sauce. Can't choose? Then go for the breakfast board!

Anne & Max - Various locations

Anne & Max is a real to-go hot spot for breakfast. But actually, you'll be right here any time of day! Everything here is organic and freshly prepared as much as possible.

  • Locations: Frederik Hendriklaan, Fahrenheitstraat, Van Hoytemastraat and Kerkplein. 

Tip: when you show your DenHaagPas, you will receive a free cup of coffee or tea when ordering breakfast, lunch or brunch at the Kerkplein 4 location (next to the Grote Kerk)!

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Anne&Max, ontbijtplank Den_Haag
Anne&Max_ Den_Haag
Delicious! At Anne & Max you are always in the right place.

Le Petit Quartier - Van Hoytemastraat 96

In the Benoordenhout neighborhood (around the corner you will find the Hague forest and Clingendael estate), the Van Hoytemastraat is the place artisanal specialty stores and there are a number of fine restaurants such as Anne & Max, Paluco and Donato. Just down the road you find Le Quartier's little sister: Le Petit Quartier. With nice days with a lovely terrace and thus also a fine place to work. Of course all French (breakfast) dishes on the menu!

Appeltje Eitje - Various locations

For many residents of The Hague, Appeltje Eitje has become a familiar place. Started in the Zeeheldenkwartier, but now also a cozy place in the Vruchtenbuurt and Scheveningen. The menu is vegan-friendly: lots of tasty veg(an) options, but meat-eaters will also find plenty of goodies. 

  • Locations: Prins Hendrikstraat, Keizerstraat, Vlierboomstraat. 

Strandpaviljoen Zuid - Wieringse Pad Slag 11

What better way to start the day on the South Beach? The vacation feeling is here. Not for nothing is this part of the beach sometimes called the most beautiful part of The Hague beach. At Strandpaviljoen Zuid you always have a good time!

Zuiderstrand Den Haag
Strandpaviljoen Zuid
The instant vacation feeling is right there at Strandpaviljoen Zuid. 

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