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Toko Frederik



There is no accounting for taste and restaurants in The Hague know that all too well. A quick snack or tapas on the terrace, delicious drinks in one of The Hague's cosy squares or extensive dining: you will find it all here. For every visitor with an appetite, there is a Hague restaurant that will make you happy.

Dining in the city centre of The Hague

For trendy restaurants in the centre of The Hague, walk to Avenue Culinair near the Dunne Bierkade. There are also restaurants on Prinsestraat in the Hofkwartier that will serve you a tasty night out. Chinatown should definitely not be missed because who doesn't love dim sum, sushi or noodles?

As an international city, The Hague has countless good restaurants serving international cuisines. That culinary offering simply encompasses the whole world. Think traditional Dutch pancake houses, Argentinian steak-houses, French bistros, Indonesian tokos or Spanish tapas bars.

'The culinary scene in The Hague is becoming increasingly plant-based. Vega(n) restaurants are booming.'

Dining in Scheveningen

You can eat fish in Scheveningen. The restaurants in the marina are great at serving the freshest fish. Are you in that area but it's not dinner time yet? Then hop in for a tasty lunch or bite a herring on the street like a local. Enjoy your meal!

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