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Are you a nature lover, do you love walking in the countryside then The Hague is well worth a visit.

With thousands of hectares of dune areas and parks, the Hague coast offers plenty of space to enjoy freedom and nature. In the coming years, the Hollandse Duinen National Park will also create a contiguous 43 km long coastal landscape in South Holland, including Meijendel and the Westduinpark.

An #endless sea of opportunities in The Hague's nature

The Hague, a green city by the sea. Perhaps when you visit The Hague you will be amazed by the many parks and greenery around you. The Hague has never been granted city rights and it was therefore not necessary to build a city wall, leaving a lot of space for greenery. Beautiful parks are Clingedael and Park Sorghvliet. If you head towards the sea, there is also a great dune area, and once you have passed that, you also have 11 kilometres of beach at your disposal. What an enhancement for your visit to The Hague, we residents think it is quite normal, we are lucky!

The Hague, an opportunity to find space: Nature. Get inspired!

Walking and Cycling

Of course you can go out by bike or on foot in The Hague. We have also mapped out many beautiful walking and cycling routes for you. The Hague offers beautiful routes with its history, cultural highlights and striking buildings. If you are looking for more peace and space, admire our beautiful parks and forests, enter the dunes with our Dunes cycling routes or enjoy the 11 kilometres long beach of The Hague and walk along the Hague beaches. Alternatively make a combination of city and beach and cycle from the city centre to the beach by bicycle tour from City to beach or walk through the forest, dunes and sea.

Refer to all walking routes
Refer to all cycling routes

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bezoekers Clingendael park op een brug
Parks and forests
bezoekers Clingendael park op een brug
Parks and forests
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