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bezoekers Clingendael park op een brug

Parks and forests


The greenest city in Europe? That must be The Hague! With more than 111,000 hectares of dune areas, parks and estates, our city offers plenty of space to enjoy freedom and nature. Just to give you an idea: The Hague has more trees than inhabitants! In addition, The Hague is the only major city in the Netherlands located directly by the sea. Leave the bustling city life behind and enjoy this city oasis. Get a breath of fresh air at the beach, have a picnic in one of the parks or discover the hidden gems such as the Palace Garden and Park Sorghvliet.

Walk or cycle through the Westduinpark. Who knows, you might run into one of the Scottish Highlanders. Or relax at Landgoed Clingendael; one of the most beautiful estates in the Netherlands where you can admire the Japanese Garden (photo above) twice a year. Did you know that the Haagse Bos, where Huis Ten Bosch Palace is located, is one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands?

Due to the combination of city, beach and greenery, you will always have a holiday feeling in The Hague!

Barbecuing in a park or on the beach in The Hague, view the rules here.
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