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Garuda bij Ron Gastrobar Indonesia

The best Indonesian restaurants and Toko's according to locals in The Hague


After 1945, many people left Indonesia with pain in their hearts and settled in The Hague. Many people with Indonesian roots still live in The Hague. That explains why you will find so many Indonesian restaurants here. And in The Hague are also most of the toko's in the Netherlands. Even a vegetarian one! Here you will find the best Indonesian restaurants and toko's according to the locals  of The Hague.
Selamat makan!

The Hague has the most toko's in the Netherlands

Bogor - Van Swietenstraat 2

Bogor Roemah Makan means 'dining room of Bogor'. And that is exactly what Bogor is: a dining room where you eat deliciously in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Real Indonesian food from sweet to spicy, organic and reasonably priced.

Toko Frederik - Frederikstraat 231

Toko Frederik in the Frederikstraat has been a household name in The Hague for over thirty years. At Toko Frederik you will find the authentic style and ambiance in the dishes and in the atmosphere of the business with a touch of contemporary, Western influence.

Toko Frederik Den Haag
Indonesian restaurant Toko Frederik.

Waroeng Padang Lapek Jo - Schoolstraat 35

If you like spicy Sumatran cuisine, Waroeng Padan is your restaurant. They are the only one in Europe to serve this cuisine. For dessert, have their famous Tjendol, to quench your mouth!

Garuda by Ron Gastrobar Indonesia - Kneuterdijk 18A

Garuda was one of the first Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands. Master chef Ron Blaauw settled there (the mythical meaning of Garuda eagle/man) and revamped the premises. With refined dishes following the master chef's concept but in the Garuda way. Authentic flavours presented in creative and modern ways. From street food to rice tables.

Garuda bij Ron Gastrobar Indonesia
Garuda bij Ron Gastrobar Indonesia
Garuda's colourful dishes and a Bintang go perfectly together!

Keraton Damai - Groot Hertoginnelaan 57

Loosely translated, Keraton Damai means 'Palace of Peace'. This East Javanese restaurant is located around the corner from the Peace Palace. The professional and cordial service and the dishes prepared just like their mothers used to make you feel right at home at this restaurant.

Tante Pop - Piet Heinstraat 45-bg

Tante Pop (aunt Pop) is a Javanese Indonesian living room restaurant where you literally sit down at the table at Monique, tante Pop. She regularly organizes evenings where she cooks and you enjoy all these good food while chatting with your fellow table mates. Keep an eye on Tante Pop's Facebook page. You don't want to miss this delicious dinner party.

Tante Pop Piet Heinstraat Den Haag
Tante Pop's cosy living room in Zeeheldenkwartier. 

De Vegetarische Toko - Prins Hendrikstraat 150A

The “first and only plant-based toko in the Netherlands”? You will of course find them in The Hague, in the trendy Zeeheldenkwartier. Owner Max and his mother Ina developed their own 'meat' with which they make the tastiest rendang, stew and of course satay.

Seinpost Indonesia - Zeekant 60 | 2e Sweelinckstraat 115

The kitchen of Seinpost Indonesia restaurant serves authentic dishes with a modern twist. Enjoy the delicious dishes while looking out over the beautiful beach and the sea of Scheveningen.

De Vegetarische Toko
"The Netherlands' first and only plant-based toko" is in The Hague. 

Soeboer - Brouwersgracht 29

Soeboer is an Indonesian living room restaurant. They serve (for 60 years!) authentic Javanese dishes. This cozy eatery is especially popular among local residents. And who knows, you might even run into Prime Minister Mark Rutte. It seems to be his favorite restaurant!

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